February 9th, 2020


going gag strip for hourly comics day 2020

Hourly comics day (1st Feb) on a Saturday! Could I do it? Or would I be too busy? Well, yes, I did it, but then felt so awkward about it (tl;dr got ill; wasn't much fun) I didn't get it out to look at it till today. Never mind though because having done a bit of post-production on it today, I'm feeling OK about posting it. In the event my plan of producing 24 "hilarious" 3-panel gag strips (i'm terrible at gag strips) seemed to fit the hilariously out-of-control nature of the day.

The Day after Brexit in 24 Comic Strips


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Day's end. We meant to go straight to bed but ended up drinking chocolate. It's actually Chilli Willy drinking chocolate.