February 3rd, 2021

Neon bitch

gig alert : gig alert : remote community 5/2/2021

We actually have a gig! We are playing (performance-from-home) this Friday 5th Feb (gig from 7.30pm, we're on at 9.30pm) on Instagram live right over at Divine Schism - https://www.instagram.com/divineschism/ along with a great line-up, see poster below for more details. Be aware that small rehearsals are also occurring over on our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mnsfprdctn/ which you can also make friends with (recommended if you like pictures of pylons, towerblocks, etc.)

Here's the Facebook event link https://www.facebook.com/events/1048715985952677 which has more information but if you'd rather look from here, line up and details below:

7:30pm DAZE https://www.instagram.com/dazetheband/ https://daze.bandcamp.com/
7.50pm NERVOUS REX https://www.instagram.com/nervousrexpunks/ https://nervousrexpunks.bandcamp.com/
8.15pm MASTER OF NONE https://www.instagram.com/masterofnoneuk/ https://masterofnone01.bandcamp.com/
8.35pm GREEN HANDS https://www.instagram.com/greenhands_band/ https://greenhands.bandcamp.com/releases
8.55pm MILA TODD https://www.instagram.com/todd.mila/ https://milatodd.bandcamp.com/releases
9.10pm CLEMENTINE MARCH https://www.instagram.com/clementinemarch/ https://clementinemarch.bandcamp.com/
9.30pm MEANS OF PRODUCTION https://www.instagram.com/mnsfprdctn/ https://mnsfprdctn.bandcamp.com/
9.55pm SLASH FICTION https://www.instagram.com/slashfic/ https://slashfiction.bandcamp.com/
10.15pm LONG NECK (5.15pm LOCAL TIME IN JERSEY CITY NJ!) https://www.instagram.com/long_neck_lass/ https://longnecklass.bandcamp.com/

Here's to real gigs happening again sometime later this year.