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I'm on holiday

feathery safari
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Spent last night constructing the Lord of the Rings eating and drinking game with the help of, damiancugley and squigglyruth, who argued over whether "hobbits' tears" should be a cocktail or a biscuit, truecatechresis and American Cody, who between them came up with the "Flaming Balrog with a White Wizard chaser" (I think I can source the dry ice), and mr_snips who is a little worried because as a vegetarian he gets to be Leggy, meaning a nibble of lembas (I'm thinking pink wafers) followed by 42 pints of beer, Paul who suggested we have pork pies for the Mouth of Sauron (sorry, was that a spoiler?) and sparkymark who swopped my red wig for a loan of a DVD extended edition (guess which) and concourse who looked rather bemused, if not faintly embarassed.

No, I haven't set a date yet. After christmas sometime.


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22nd Dec, 2004 09:54 (UTC)
didn't make it to the pub last night -- decided that the last Tuesday before Christmas should be celebrated by watching the last DVD of Buffy Season 6 instead. V good up until where Xander saves the world with love -- as Dan remarks, always embarassing as a scene.

Liking the sound of the game!

Cody is Canadian, btw.
22nd Dec, 2004 13:37 (UTC)
last Tuesday before Christmas

now, if you'd said Winter Solstice you could have got away with it. ;-)

Strangely I was in the Blue Posts last night with various people and bumped into andypop, swisstone and other comics types. Takes you back, really...
22nd Dec, 2004 14:40 (UTC)
but yesterday was the last Tuesday before Christmas -- and Solstice simultaneously, of course. Surely a reference to Christmas and the birth of the little tiny sweet baby who later on saves the world with love (and a lot of pain, admittedly) is *more* appropriate?

Yes, I saw drummygirl's post about the Blue Posts drink and was amused to see the reference to the comics people -- I'd been reminded of the drinks by andypop at the weekend and last week, but preferred to stay in Oxford (and indeed, to stay in my own house without moving much, as it turned out...). Sounds like a good one though!
22nd Dec, 2004 23:05 (UTC)
I celebrated solstice
by getting pissed, throwing out my wok, and cutting off about half of my hair. It was great!
22nd Dec, 2004 23:48 (UTC)
Re: I celebrated solstice
ah, the ancient art of wok-throwing. I practiced it once, too.

Will see hair soon I expect -- next week at any rate. kisses for Christmas. xxx
22nd Dec, 2004 23:59 (UTC)
kisses and wishes!
Have a wildly explanatory time with the folks!
22nd Dec, 2004 22:59 (UTC)
we noticed that you scheduled blue posts for a tuesday -- which is the oxford pub meet night. I was going to express irritation, but it's really for the londoners, so ... I was actually in London today, of course -- sister to visit, chocolate to buy.

Well, maybe the next one.
22nd Dec, 2004 23:02 (UTC)
Cody is Canadian, btw.

Ye-es, I know. But "Canadian Cody" doesn't sound as good, somehow. Sounds like Ginger ale or a LAB.

He has full permission to scold me for prioritising what sounds good over what is literally true next time he sees me.
22nd Dec, 2004 23:48 (UTC)
I will bear this in mind and not point it out again. xx
23rd Dec, 2004 15:09 (UTC)
Xander saves the world with love -

The scene redeemed, I thought, by Willow commenting that it was blatant that that was what he was trying to do, but despite that it worked anyway.

Usually acknowledging your sources are rubbish just exaggerates how rubbish you are (.e.g. "Urban Legend - Final Cut") but I though that was OK.
22nd Dec, 2004 10:59 (UTC)
Now that's a game I would buy at Hamleys.
22nd Dec, 2004 23:06 (UTC)
I think Hamleys might outlaw it
for the high alcohol content, naked flames, and frequent references to slashy hobbit man-love.
22nd Dec, 2004 13:14 (UTC)
Faery Fodder
Somehow I've always imagined Lembas would taste like the wine-tinctured Communion wafers they passed out at St Aidan's in the 50's.Very subtle, quite unique. Not really party fayre of course...
Ohhhhh! Thank'ee so much for the cool Saturnalia card, and the interesting bits! Playing with the wee pen already. Whoah! (:oD)
22nd Dec, 2004 23:10 (UTC)
I was after something
you could eat, but wouldn't want to eat too much of. Pink wafers!

The pens are a bit bigger than last year's tiny pens (which were a bit *too* tiny) -- golden glass for the solstice! ... just remembered, I forgot to include the sequi ns. I'll send them in the new year.
22nd Dec, 2004 16:41 (UTC)
I'll get to work on my teleportation device, because that sounds like loads of fun.
22nd Dec, 2004 23:12 (UTC)
I keep asking the physicists I know
But so far, no luck.
23rd Dec, 2004 00:52 (UTC)
Embarrassed no;
bemused perhaps, but only because I'd wandered in halfway through..0
23rd Dec, 2004 01:06 (UTC)
must've been
the questions about your hair conditioner habits causing the embrassment then
23rd Dec, 2004 11:37 (UTC)
Hobbit Tears?
Clearly a cocktail ... a la 'Dark Crystal' lifeforce collection. :-)
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