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somebody drank my cooking brandy

But was it the same somebody as was throwing up in the sink? Wine on the carpet in four different rooms ... I never got around to inviting you, did I? Went to all the bother of making a poll and asking the ten people still reading this shite if they'd want to come and then never did anything with the data. Told you I needed an administrator ...

... and after tonight I think I also need a couple of cleaners, a kitchen porter and a dietician ... and maybe a harm minimisation worker ...

Somebody broke one of my favourite plates. And the recycling box won't let me recycle no more ...

One more thing: I love my connection to Oxfam. It answers those niggling questions that seep through the drunken haze. Like what's going on? and what should I do?


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30th Dec, 2004 11:52 (UTC)
Hmm. Clearly I left just before the party got out of hand very interesting...
30th Dec, 2004 16:42 (UTC)
slightly after,
I would say ...

I've been on my knees vanishing the carpet most of the day. The washing up's waiting for Damian ... because I am a generous and thoughtful housemate.

30th Dec, 2004 14:15 (UTC)
Oxfam's web servers are heavily loaded
30th Dec, 2004 14:42 (UTC)
sorry i didn't make it - meant to turn up but yesterday went bleah.
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