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on the cold hillside

New Year went alright, all considered. Got lost on the way. Ate cassoulet. Managed not to tread on any of the babies or break any of their toys. Insulted the host and then promised to find him a cocktail book to match his beautiful home bar. Broke the seal on my new set of Tarot cards (the Italian ones I bought in Serbia) and the fortunes were not bad. Champagne and tag charades, long after midnight. Slept huddled under the stairs in my tiny sleeping bag.

And now I'm shaking and prickly and a nice lunch and lots of liquids and butternut squash soup and two hour's sleep and Resolve and half-a-dozen Tivoed New Year specials have helped but not enough, but maybe whisky and the Scissor Sisters will do the trick.

Incidentally, over the Christmas break, the Picky Picky Game suffered an interruption of service, but now it's all up and working again and ready for your contributions. Somewhere in the fixing process we switched the deadline from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday; I think it's better that way. All weekend to do a panel, then check the results on monday morning. Vote, contribute, comment here.

Last year's resolutions at first glance looked like a total failure; I stalled on the Koran after unwisely reading "Women" first, I didn't reduce my comics at all (the reverse in fact) and I certainly failed to settle on one hair colour, sort out my website and turn the Big Black Book into a day-project. On the other hand, 2004 saw not one but several longer strips, the chore situation and talking to semi-strangers are both a lot better and I now say "it's not my problem" so seldom that I'm in danger of running too far in the other direction. And the negalutions, I stuck to all of them. So, that's OK, then.

But resolutions don't really feel right for this year. I have something of a to-do list already, a couple of parties, plans and promises; I need something more flippant, less relentlessly self-improving. Fortune cookies, t-shirt slogans, advice-to-self so vague it's more irresolution than resolution.
  • In relatonships that provoke anxiety, work towards estrangement indirectly.
  • Remember to finish giving away things that are for other people.
  • Keep your hands tucked in.
  • Stop beating yourself up over walking into things.
  • If the gap fits, step through it, if the job is doable, do it.
  • Have the escape plan ready to implement wherever, whenever, now.
  • An unrecorded experience is only half experienced.
  • Eat less and drink more tea.
  • Never, ever throw anything away.
And that's enough resolution for now.


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2nd Jan, 2005 00:55 (UTC)
I like the resolutions, though I can't share the last two.
For me new year's resolutions are more thematic than specific.. this year is just a general "time to get it together" kind of thing.
Hey ho.
2nd Jan, 2005 01:09 (UTC)
did I mention
I put up the Sexy Breakfast gig photos on flickr?

There's also a bunch of more revealing photos here including a bloody scary one of Joe and quite a stick-shot ...
2nd Jan, 2005 09:14 (UTC)
Re: did I mention
Why can I usually not see these Flickr pics?
Did you ever photograph any of the Italian Tarot cards?
2nd Jan, 2005 11:27 (UTC)
can you not see anything on flickr at all?
... hmmm. It chucks a little bit of code* around the pictures, I could try stripping all that out:

can you see that?

*although I can't really see anything wrong with it.

No, I didn't photograph any of the stuff I brought back from serbia.
2nd Jan, 2005 14:52 (UTC)
Re: can you not see anything on flickr at all?
Oh yeah, that's kewl...Sometimes I just see 2 coloured dots that go on doing that 'downloading' dance forever until I give up, so it could be prehistoric pc syndrome...
2nd Jan, 2005 15:00 (UTC)
that happens to me sometimes
on flickr, but it does seem to have improved recently ... my usual solution bein to try looking at another picture ...
2nd Jan, 2005 12:34 (UTC)
That is scary
..and I should thank you for the source of my new userpic, and apologise for the theft of it, but I had thought you wouldn't mind..
2nd Jan, 2005 13:19 (UTC)
I don't mind. But I reserve the right to call you flowerchild. Is there anyone else I should be telling about those photos?
2nd Jan, 2005 10:47 (UTC)
you should post more photos, Jeremy. Start a new toy camera community, even. Come and be Official Holga-ist next weekend?
2nd Jan, 2005 11:30 (UTC)
you bet
cartoon shoes, camera bag and all. Can I beg a scrap of floor for crash space?

..... hmm, if I start a new toy camera community, will you promise to post regularly to it?
2nd Jan, 2005 12:02 (UTC)
Re: you bet
marvellous. should I do a new blackboard? It would be a shame to wipe off the one from the last party, and if you and andypop are going to be there, I'll have to provide you both with something... [bring a sleeping bag if you can]

Is The Ex planning on coming, do you know?
2nd Jan, 2005 13:21 (UTC)
not seen her yet
this year, but I'll ask. Sleeping bag = no problem. You could always put down paper. Put down paper, there're artists coming round. Heehehe.
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