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random urges of friday afternoon

Early years have a bunch of cardboard boxes out in their corridoor waiting to be taken away. One of them was a) open and b) big enough to fit inside. The urge to climb into it was almost overwhelming.

Also, my colleagues introduced me to Smokey Sue. Ours is a blonde.


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7th Jan, 2005 16:34 (UTC)
did you ever see the Daria episode "Boxing Daria"?
7th Jan, 2005 18:45 (UTC)
not yet
... and I really hope that this is to do with wanting to climb into boxes rather than smokey sue ...
7th Jan, 2005 22:05 (UTC)
Re: not yet
[looks at the Smokey Sue link] Yikes!
No, no, just boxes.... here have a link.
7th Jan, 2005 22:05 (UTC)
Oo Daria. The only good thing to appear in the Electronic Arts gym.
7th Jan, 2005 20:51 (UTC)
I would have hopped right into that box. And then played spaceships, with noises.
8th Jan, 2005 12:37 (UTC)
they might have thought
I was applying for a job ...
9th Jan, 2005 02:01 (UTC)
I added you solely because I did a search on "stephen duffy wednesday jones" in which your lj popped up. Feel free to ignore me or accept me. :)
10th Jan, 2005 10:55 (UTC)
hahaha hello
Never did get around top tracking down a copy of that album.
10th Jan, 2005 18:51 (UTC)
Re: hahaha hello
most of his stuff is on cd now. from when he was "tin tin" to the lilac times or whatever it was called, to solo stephen duffy.
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