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pop-9 at simon's party

pop-9 at simon's party Shiny pop-9 takes 9 photos for every click. I took pop-9 at mzdt's party.

Pose! Pose harder!
and the rest.

More quiddities:

Terrible things can happen when you let people transcribe your phone posts. Like techno mash-ups of benchilada's ramblings with added monkeys + robots.

Cunning photographer foxes client on building site.

To do list: send Mopy a comic.


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14th Jan, 2005 01:46 (UTC)
Hey...the monkeys and robots were part of my original post, as I have a clinically unsafe obsession with them.

And now Emily's done it again. ;D

New song very soon...as in less than ten minutes from this post time...
14th Jan, 2005 01:51 (UTC)
the monkeys and robots are a lure
to draw in my monkey and robot obsessed friends.

>I have a clinically unsafe obsession with them

Heck, who doesn't?
14th Jan, 2005 06:42 (UTC)
and who are these amasing ppl in the photos? :)
14th Jan, 2005 10:30 (UTC)
friends from London
... I use the Livejournal photo-space to pass round photos to people not in the same town as me ... the more interesting/arty/public stuff goes on flickr.
14th Jan, 2005 10:39 (UTC)
the more interesting/arty/public stuff goes on flickr.
More interesting/arty than nine performing Neils? I find that hard to believe.
14th Jan, 2005 10:42 (UTC)
no, indeed
... with the exception of one other shot which has not been posted because its subject might find it unflattering, that shot was easily my favourite!

you, sir, are an excellent poser.
14th Jan, 2005 10:21 (UTC)
where's my beard?
After your tirade, you'll be glad to know that I shaved and had a haircut the next day. I love number 7.
14th Jan, 2005 10:26 (UTC)
I didn't mean to attack your freedom of personal expression, there ...

well, maybe a little bit.
14th Jan, 2005 13:58 (UTC)
Re: where's my beard?
And I loooove number 8. I think the nona-vision reflects very well how I felt at the end of the night and most of next day (where we missed you, btw...). At least I am smiling...
14th Jan, 2005 18:14 (UTC)

Ok, the world is truly insane. I actually have no recollection how I came across your journal, but as I recall I found it randomly and it was interesting so I stayed.

That's not so much odd as it is out of character, but the oddness just happened.

benchilada == old friend of fairyarmadillo == my fiance.

The world is a tiny tiny place!
17th Jan, 2005 14:25 (UTC)
something to do with godzilla, lego and migraines, I think.

I mean, why I friended you.
18th Jan, 2005 15:26 (UTC)
Re: hmmmm
Three of the most important things in life really.
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