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Cardboard box update; someone flattened it and wrote "this is rubbish" on the top flap. No more spaceship dreams. Or perhaps this was the result of someone discovering that it wasn't as special an experience as it once was ...

oh, and I also forgot to post the link to last week's stripI had the weekend all planned. Friday for friends, Sunday for family. Saturday was supposed to be for me, but the abrupt withdrawal of Livejournal's affections put a bit of a crimp into what was promising to be the perfect hangover.

Purely coincidentally, I'd recently set up a blog, nominally for research reasons. I'd not been expecting to use it much, but sudden neglect had its usual distancing effect, and I think I can now safely say that I'm biblogamous. Polyblogamous, if you count Flickr.

It seemed only polite to set up a syndication feed (cleanskies_blog) but there's only one entry worth reading, and I've reproduced that below, so you probably don't want to bother.

new gardening trend!

We're going to go for the Titan look! Underground refridgeration keeps the ice boulder garden frosty while a small wave generator keeps the pond of oily organic sludge in constant motion. Relaxing on those cold winter nights....

In other news, don't look at this picture or this might happen. Hmmm, I knew there was something evil about Flickr ....


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17th Jan, 2005 18:14 (UTC)
So many blogs, so many feeds! The next thing to do is merge them all together (using something like Feedburner) and syndicate it back into LJ in a nice circularly meta kinda fashion.
17th Jan, 2005 18:18 (UTC)
Sorry, I should have added "if you're me"...
18th Jan, 2005 10:43 (UTC)
I think I'll just settle
with becoming increasingly scattered.

I do have a plan for sorting all this out, you know ... it's just that I always seem to have 1,576 things to do first.
5th Aug, 2007 15:52 (UTC)
Titanic Gardening Ideas
I'm really into gardening and related concepts such as garden decor accessories. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "underground refrigeration" keeping the ice boulder garden frosty, but your words made me think about something.

My brother is building an underground house that is simply the 8th wonder of the world. I say this not only because of the way the house is built (with top-shelf quality) but he has also built a 45-foot tower that's connected to the house and the front of the house, when the steel roll-up doors are raised, a person can look out at a 40-acre lake. Because my brother owns his own bull dozers and other heavy equipment, he has hauled about 100 boulders weighing between 2 and 8 tons each and placed them around the outside of the house as “landscaping.”

In any event, in the areas that are totally underground, I can see the possibility of having an underground vegetable garden. Consider this: no matter now cold it gets, even with the heat totally turned off, it never gets below 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the underground areas—even in the coldest winters! Add a little heat, an irrigation system (not hard to do since my brother had a well dug), some florescent lights, and underground vegetables are a real possibility. And consider this: since everything is underground, there is no need to build a 6-foot fence to keep the deer out, or to be concerned with a "bug lights" to get rid of misquotes and other flying insects. Wow, what a neat thought!
6th Aug, 2007 09:46 (UTC)
"bug lights" to get rid of misquotes !!!
That really is gardening on a Titanic scale -- I'm impressed!

a thought on the lighting -- I was just reading the other day about how market gardeners have started using banks of red LEDs which apparently make the veg grow even faster ... I'm kind of taken by the idea of an underground garden lit by masses of tiny LEDs (though we're far too close to the water table for any such thing here -- it would be an underground swamp!)
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