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Dick and Dom slated by Peter Luff, the Conservative MP for mid-Worcestershire. Who probably has a smelly bot-bot. And bogies.

Gay Bomb! Gay Bomb! One of those stories so good, I may have to make a weekly strip out of it.

I've not spent much time recently on spam. I made an informal resolution to give up my spam for the new year. And broke it today, big-style. Nanaimo has modified to shorter poems, Random8 is still doing a good job of mixing private passions with public concerns, and there are a few new bots on the block. Several of my favourites converse altogether in thesaurusspeak:

In your domain free joined, lonesome ringed cleaning woman look for your clock.

In your country free joined, Lonely joined charwoman look for your clock time.

In your neighborhood free joined, dejected united adult female attempt your clock time.
... you probably get the idea.

EDIT: But for those who do not: "In your area, horny lonely wives need your attention."


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20th Jan, 2005 20:47 (UTC)
Doesn't he have...like, policies to be making?
21st Jan, 2005 00:11 (UTC)
he's a conservative.
21st Jan, 2005 09:19 (UTC)
Mr Luff
Tragically in his attempts to sound clever in his criticisms of Dick and Dom, he ends up coming across as borderline illiterate. What on earth does ‘in the public taste’ mean? If he means ‘in bad taste’, he should probably just say it: judging from what we see in the streets of an evening, the taste of the public ranges to behaviour that is not broadcastable on any channel. Hurrumph.
21st Jan, 2005 10:37 (UTC)
Re: Mr Luff
I don't know, politicians these days, etc.

(Looking forward to seeing Mr Luff on the Bungalow wall this week).
23rd Jan, 2005 22:12 (UTC)
or, as it turned out
the Right Honourable Piece O' Fluff.

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