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air it was, heavy as glass

When I made the Pancevo strips (set 3 is this week's strip) I overshot by two; seven strips for a job of five. I sent them all on, giving the choice to someone else ... two reasons. One, he was translating, and I wanted to give him the option of cutting any that wouldn't translate well. Two, I'm acutely aware that the things I pick out of my work (and other peoples' work, for that matter) are not the majority choice, and he's a person with lots of experience of publication.

Now Pancevac has published the last of them and I know what didn't make it through. The two strips on the cutting room floor (one is included, marked "rejected", in this week's strip) were the two most overtly about the pollution problem in the city -- old news, perhaps. But also, maybe, too personal (in the case of the one I've included this week) and too incomprehensible in the other (which includes the line, "air it was, heavy as glass") which I doubt I'll publish ... it was a tricky moment to communicate.


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21st Jan, 2005 12:50 (UTC)
I absolutely love the last panel of that rejected strip.
And, if anyone could communicate the air thing, I reckon it would be you. /creep
21st Jan, 2005 16:50 (UTC)
thanks ...
but I don't know. Maybe photos would have done it better.

There'll be a proper strip again soon, too. I promise.
21st Jan, 2005 19:07 (UTC)
Puffin' In Pancevo
It seems everybody has done pollution strips, so maybe yours wasn't printed because it was too much like someone else's. I don't think censorship is involved. (Mine shows me desperately sucking my inhaler amidst flying sweat drops and a miasma of floaty skulls...) I was only asked to do four strips this time, though...
You have a cameo in my tribute to Popovic's pastry paradise, btw...
Wanna see the 'air heavy as glass' strip. Actually it's scary how much worse it was this time, than in 2003. Then, it only was really intense right near the giant smokestacks, where it tasted like some kind of black chemical solid; yg...
22nd Jan, 2005 00:45 (UTC)
Re: Puffin' In Pancevo
I thought that was probably it ... yours have not been published yet, have they?

I might have another go at it, and put up the two together.
22nd Jan, 2005 14:32 (UTC)
Re: Puffin' In Pancevo
Nope, I'm not sure when mine are going in. First I was told March, but I dunno. I don't know who's doing the current series, as it's all cyrillic. (It drives me nuts that these people deal effortlessly with two alphabets in everday life, plus most of them speaking at least two other Euro-languages. Bastards.)
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