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kounellis' goldfish - wow, gay history month!

brick wall codeThis picture (taken in Brentford) reminds me of the of the coal pictures downstairs in Modern Art Oxford at the moment. Large sheets of rusty metal, balanced on second-hand chairs, have irregular limps of coal wired to them in lines. Kounellis claims it's about currency, but to me it looks like language, as do these irrgular scratches and cup-marks made on a bathhouse wall by waiting pennies. The big gallery is a fantastic tangle of girders floating on magic carpets, but the rest would probably talk more to someone more aware of the arte povera movement. Although I do kind of like his "timeline" -- and I'm glad I saw it before the goldfish were returned to their tank after allegations of cruelty -- it makes you wonder what yours might look like.

Gay History month will doubtless have the naysayers frothing throughout February, but I'm kind of charmed by the idea. Shadow Home Secretary Tom Collins describes Gay History Month as (along with the usual bilge about protecting the "innocence" of children) achingly politically correct. Mmmm. I don't know about you, but that's a slogan I want on my t-shirt.

Science Festival Time! Don't you want to take part in Static Statistics? All you need to join in is an inquiring mind, a balloon, some hair or clothes, a wall and a stopwatch.

Fun for all the family.
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