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weekly strip as displacement activity

This week's strip, despite having nothing to do with it, was mostly scripted last year at Ladyfest Dublin (and inspired by conversations with amphoteric and her friends), but I didn't have the punchline. A few weeks later, the punchline turned up during a routine appraisal, but by then it was too close to christmas for publishing such a wishlisty strip. New year, no danger, time to get it done. Cue another fight with the antique nibs damiancugley got me for christmas. I fear the ink may be thickening, too ... and before the pot is half done! curses! The stupidly over-detailed colouring (really, at that size, you are *not* going to see what's on my t-shirt) took me ... a while. Mostly because I had some other strips I really should be doing. Managed to put that off, though. I am rubbish. Really...

My head got cold and I bought a hat today.

a hat too farI'm not at all certain it's a good hat, but it seems very cleanskies, so I thought I'd post it here. I also accidentally went into the Next sale shop, and found a coat that nearly matched; damiancugley said I looked like a stoker on an airship or a paddle steamer, but I thought I looked more like a member of a surreal service industry. I also thought £29.99 was far too expensive for a coat with no obvious merit. Spoiled by charity shops, clearly.

I don't know, do you think it's too much?

Later that day: Special offerings of pizza were included for foreign 'spirits'.


25th Jan, 2005 09:40 (UTC)
Cheeky Chapeau!
BTW did Sasa send you that sketch of you & me at GRRR!by Gian-Luca Constantini? I'm gonna try and post it on my LJ if I can conquer the technology...
25th Jan, 2005 10:39 (UTC)
Re: Cheeky Chapeau!
No, he didn't --- if the tech defeats you, send it my way and I'll post it for you, if you want.
25th Jan, 2005 19:55 (UTC)
Re: Cheeky Chapeau!
Bum! I couldn't transfer it at all. I emailed Sasa, and asked him to post you a copy, too. It's a nice one.