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that picture of Lee and me in Serbia

illustration by Gianluca Costantini

Good t-shirt detail there. The illustrator is Gianluca Constantini. Anyone know Italian? I'd like to know what the caption reads, even though I don't think it says anything about me ...

Did I mention I was sick? Maybe hot water will help.


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31st Jan, 2005 06:49 (UTC)
I know spaghetti, ravioli, canneloni, tagliatelle, fettucine, zabaglione... but I don't see any of those there.
31st Jan, 2005 08:10 (UTC)
You forgot the two most important - Patatine! Pesce!
1st Feb, 2005 12:01 (UTC)
and fumetti ... I have an astonishing number of Italian comics I just can't read at all ....
31st Jan, 2005 08:10 (UTC)
Nice, innit? I think Sasa said Gianluca was going to do the lettering in English at some point.
He's captured my old-lady sandals to a T, and I like the intensity rays coming out of your doodle...
I'm sickly too. Do you have the SORE throat- bunged nose combo with green slime garnish? (Take a couple of days off.)
1st Feb, 2005 12:04 (UTC)
far more disgusting than that
I won't go into details, but yesterday (as I was recovering) I had a migraine, and then this spectacularly disturbing lucid dream (corpses in the streets, bad dogs, pictures of blue women with other pictures inside them, geeks on street corners trying to find out where they were using grid references and GPS) so it wasn't all bad.

Yes, it's a pretty nice picture of me, actually. I look very buff.
31st Jan, 2005 09:30 (UTC)
Harassing my favourite Italian...
31st Jan, 2005 10:03 (UTC)
Thanks (?!?) to Babelfish...
In the days of the festival puo' to capitare to meet Lee Kennedy that it designs on the ice-skates of a local craftsman and Pat Mills to turn with avvenerte the daughter whom incredibly and succeeded to make here shopping also. Puo' also you burst yourself of it that Bayalica that it designed for Jacovitti was of these leaves.
1st Feb, 2005 12:06 (UTC)
I did as good a job as babelfish. Bow before my linguistic powers!
31st Jan, 2005 10:18 (UTC)
Thanks to a hastily transcribed version
During the festival's days you can bump into Lee Kennedy, she draws on the roller skates made by a local artisan, and Pat Mills, who walks around with his gorgeous daughter that managed to shop here too!

You could also discover that Bayalacache that used to draw for Jacovitti was around here too!

(My friend thinks my transcription is hysterical so I am probably reading it wrong)
1st Feb, 2005 12:21 (UTC)
not bad, actually. I think (knowing the context) I can reconstruct what is written:

By day at the festival you could bump into Lee Kennedy, decorating the shoes of a local artist, and Pat Mills, walking around with his gorgeous daughter who (incredibly) managed to go shopping here, too. You can also see Bayali Cache, who used to draw for Jacovitti, wandering about.

The "decorating the shoes bit" is bonkers but absolutely true.
31st Jan, 2005 12:24 (UTC)
We did paint on old shoes at Mr Spiral's shop (Peko?), at one point.
1st Feb, 2005 12:22 (UTC)
speak for yourself
Mine was a black patent leather 7-inch spike heeled fetish shoe, and brand new, as far as I could see...
1st Feb, 2005 17:29 (UTC)
Re: speak for yourself
Hm, perhaps I should rephrase that. Mine was also nicely, 'new' and clean, but I imagined it had come from a collection of ancient unsold stock, squirrelled away by Mr Spiral for just such occasions. The style was a sort of snub-toed 70's strappy number with a high stacked heel and mini-platform, in an intense, plastic-y high-gloss, nut brown. Not the sort of thing you see in Clarks these days...
2nd Feb, 2005 00:47 (UTC)
could be ... but oh, I was shocked by the sheer shiny qualities of mine!
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