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I end more conversations than I start

new dissected mysteryI went to the dentist earlier, on a whim. I was due a free check-up, and he'd had a cancellation. Ten minutes later, and Dr Chris (whose teeth are so perfect, they're eerie, I can't stop staring at them) had confirmed that my teeth were looking very good. But that plug in the back of my crown I'd had since the root filling was just a temporary measure, and we really ought to be thinking about getting it sorted out.

So now I seem to have committed to spend an awful lot of money for what is likely to be negligible aesthetic improvement. Ho hum. Still, on the bright side, I managed to fix the first frighteningly expensive appointment for 2.30, tooth-hurty, geddit? I made a joke about it to the receptionist and everything. She looked briefly bewildered and then laughed, and said, "that's a good one, I'll have to remember that". I think she's new.

I was sad to see they'd gotten rid of the big book of scary cosmetic dental surgery I used to read for giggles in the waiting room (gum transplants! lip-line improvements! "cave" reduction!) so I ended up reading the February "woman special" edition of Esquire. Apart from discovering that migraine is still "largely seen as a womens' problem" and therefore (if you get one) you should pretend to your boss that you have a sports injury or strained your back moving the fridge or sleeping in a draft (!!!) I found the photographers' profiles: "Giles Duley has just returned from a six-month sabbatical and had promptly decided to give up traditional photographic technique in favour of a £20 compact camera" -- although Esquire did stop short of actually publishing any of the oktomat shots mentioned, they did grudgingly publish some more conventional portraits. Right, that's it, I'm going back to cartooning!

... but before then --- this thing on my blog is a long piece about attitudes and approaches to phototography and blogging which may be of interest to ummmm ... well, never mind. I found it a useful exercise ... while this post-dated post gathers together a bunch of found photo links, including photo booth photos, some very old and lovely.

Also, Blake's 11.

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