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we all want Germaine Greer's hot loving

... although I'm glad to see one person went for (scream, swoon) Samurai Jack. And it seems that the opposite of a labyrinth might be a map, a motorway, Illinois (!), Crete ... please answer if you've not done so far, you're adding to the sum of human knowledge. This human, at least.

Speaking of humans, I just met newborn Alice (daughter of Adrian and Jo). She has a Hoxton Fin, a pink cardigan and was mostly sleeping. I have a photo to show anyone down the pub tomorrow ... Adrian says it'll be a little while before they're down the pub again, sorry -- and they may well appreciate a litte light visiting.

Take the L train to space: the space elevator will create a thriving local carbon nanotube industry. Which is a good thing, right?


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8th Feb, 2005 16:16 (UTC)
...but I have to be a wet-blanket about carbon nanotubes...


Although nanotechnology has vast potential in uses such as fuel cells, microreactors, drug delivery devices, and personal care products, it is prudent to determine possible toxicity of nanotechnology-derived products before widespread use. It is likely that nanomaterials can affect wildlife if they are accidentally released into the environment. The fullerenes are one type of manufactured nanoparticle that is being produced by tons each year, and initially uncoated fullerenes can be modified with biocompatible coatings. Fullerenes are lipophilic and localize into lipid-rich regions such as cell membranes in vitro, and they are redox active. Other nano-sized particles and soluble metals have been shown to selectively translocate into the brain via the olfactory bulb in mammals and fish.
8th Feb, 2005 16:19 (UTC)
... sounds like you can make a valid contribution to the, erm, very serious debate there ;)
8th Feb, 2005 17:18 (UTC)
Not so oddly, darling, my comment of vast, unsown field, was based on the fact that I grew up in Central Illinois, one of the flattest areas on the planet. Fields everywhere. Open space until you die.
8th Feb, 2005 18:25 (UTC)
I get the open fields thing
... but can you explain to me why Bruce Forsythe is the opposite of Labyrinth? That's the one that's really puzzling me ...
8th Feb, 2005 19:04 (UTC)
Can anyone play?
Bruce Forsythe ... because he isn't The Goblin King David Bowie???
9th Feb, 2005 12:10 (UTC)
Re: Can anyone play?
Bruce Forsyth is the opposite of David Bowie?
9th Feb, 2005 14:41 (UTC)
Re: Can anyone play?
Well, he isn't Mr. Bowie ... perhaps there's a film they were both in???
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