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I wish it were true that a good ice-breaker was half the fight, because I've got a great one here. Unfortunately I also have to do a simple introduction to CSS, photograph selection/staging, get them to draw some graphics and more. Maybe none of them will turn up, yeah, that would be good.

In the background, Torygirl is dealing with IT support. It's very, very, very annoying.

I am desperately trying to distract myself with the Picky Picky Game, which where things are about to go decidedly Josie ... if you vote in that direction, of course.

Space kittens and ninjas in the international space station! Read, vote, contribute a panel. Come on, you know you want to.

UPDATE: Back from lunch, and the IT session is finally over. However, I just ran into her carrying a spagbol ready meal downstairs. She's going to heat it up in the mircowave and eat it in the office. So. Revolting. How does the tube poster to put it? "Hot food is nice for you, but the smell of a snack will make some people crack."


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16th Feb, 2005 13:32 (UTC)
"Hot food is nice for you, but the smell of a snack will make some people crack."

Hee hee. So very true. Unfortunately, I'm at such a workaholic workplace, most people can't get away from their desks for a lunch outside the office. All week we exude miasmas of noodle cups, canned spaghetti, Weight Watchers dinners, leftover Chinese, even tuna. I do everything in my power to go away for lunch, but today I must expose my colleagues to warmed-up burritos.
17th Feb, 2005 11:15 (UTC)
I've stopped eating at my desk after reading a report to the effect that office desks are the filthiest places imaginable -- far more germs than toilets or kitchens -- because they are used for eating but are not cleaned properly.
16th Feb, 2005 14:33 (UTC)
Well, don't forget to put up pictures of naked women in response to that.
17th Feb, 2005 11:51 (UTC)
My workmate once ate a whole entire pre-cooked chicken from the co-op. Fasincating. I thought chickens were like, for two or three eaters. A whole chicken. He didn't even bother fully taking it out of it's packaging; it sat in the blue styrofoam dish it came it.

That incident was several months ago, and I'm still not over it. Can you hear the wonder in my voice?
17th Feb, 2005 16:21 (UTC)
seriously revolting. Not my definition of comfort food.
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