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I am going to fucking kill her

Came back after a tensish but moderately functional lunch to discover that a) visiting cartoonist #1 has visited town and has to go now right (so anyone who was planning on seeing Terry this evening, that's off), and that Torygirl has decided to come in for a relaxing afternoon. She's got a new footballers-wives style expensive ironed-flat shag-cut blonde haircut, and she's playing some middle-of-the-road pap, staring at windows media player's whirly lines. I get her to stop doing that and she spends the rest of the afternoon sulkingly on the phone, using her best speak-slowly-I'm-blonde voice to attempt to arrange a workshop I know damn well her boss is going to try to make me run (I don't want to but could doubtless use the money). Then she invites admin's latest pretty boy upstairs, whom I hate, although he's done nothing wrong. I just hate him because he's young and pretty, and all the admin (who like to turn my life into a prickly assault course) are gaga over him and having closed-door meetings twice a day as a result. The resulting conversation is like hanging out in a barnyard. I end up wanting to put them in a pen to see if they'd breed.

Actually, she's been downstairs for a while now. Maybe they already are.

Oh yeah, I'm just a pillar of hate today.

EDIT: I'm sure I'd be having better days if I could stop waking up every morning from dreams about irritating flash animations.


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18th Feb, 2005 15:21 (UTC)
Pillar of Hate is a great name for a comic.
18th Feb, 2005 15:39 (UTC)
I'm quoting
Hugo Tate (he's a pillar of hate) from Deadline. Angry stick-figure stuff, rather nice. The artist in question (Nik Abadzis) does polished kids' picture-book stuff now.
18th Feb, 2005 15:41 (UTC)
Re: I'm quoting
And the occasional less-polished-but-not-angry-stick-figures comic too, no?
18th Feb, 2005 15:45 (UTC)
18th Feb, 2005 15:48 (UTC)
Re: yes,
Mm. I picked up Landscape of Possibilities on Wednesday but haven't read it yet - rather enjoyed the thing it was backed with though.
18th Feb, 2005 15:59 (UTC)
I wouldn't call
it "less polished".
18th Feb, 2005 16:00 (UTC)
Re: I wouldn't call
I was thinking less polished than the illustrated kids' books. Looking forward to reading it, anyway :)
18th Feb, 2005 16:25 (UTC)
Re: I'm quoting
You're such a GREAT pillar of hate! Stick one to Tory Girl for me. I know her kind...)
18th Feb, 2005 16:27 (UTC)
Re: I'm quoting
even her handbag makes me angry
18th Feb, 2005 15:24 (UTC)
Urgh. Sounds like running into a wall of mush.
18th Feb, 2005 15:40 (UTC)
the hair
makes me angry every time I look at it. It makes me think of Girls Aloud and Jordan.
18th Feb, 2005 15:51 (UTC)
Girls Aloud and Jordan
No-one should have to think of them. Ever. It should be in the Geneva Convention.
And Hugo Tate! Hugo Tate! How I loved Hugo. *cops link*
18th Feb, 2005 16:01 (UTC)
she just sat there, reading lola ray lyrics, ignoring an ansaphone message, for her. I need gin. And yes, Hugo Tate was just f***ing awesome.
18th Feb, 2005 16:01 (UTC)
Re: the hair
Gurls Aloud, Jordan and Hugo Tate - together at last!
18th Feb, 2005 16:14 (UTC)
there's no way
that could end well.
18th Feb, 2005 15:40 (UTC)
pillar of hate
My feelings exactly, just a soupcon of rage.
18th Feb, 2005 16:12 (UTC)
no soupcon
this is one of those firy pillars, as high as the eye can see. I'm going to try and douse it with some St John's Wort tea.
18th Feb, 2005 17:20 (UTC)
A Biblical Pillar of Hate then...ahhh... ;-)

Sorry, just trying to cheer you up.
18th Feb, 2005 16:12 (UTC)
Actually, that last post came out ambiguous, I mean I've been suffused with fury at my workplace too. It's kind of cathartic to know it's not just me getting wrathful at work.
18th Feb, 2005 19:51 (UTC)
Hmm. I spent this lunchtime choking as my company's graphic designer went through a set of 'hilarious' jokes about peaked caps and the YMCA after hearing that one of the other staff member's was gay. I am beginning to conclude that all annoying co-workers are annoying in pretty similar ways.

20th Feb, 2005 12:22 (UTC)
oh no ...
my last annoying co-worker smelt powerfully of rotting chammomile teabags and kept going on about her teenaged daugter's sex-life. This one smells of stale perfume and keeps going on about how unfair her parents are.

Of course, inbetween there was a coworker who wore amazing boots and taught me how Norwegians celebrate christmas. They're not all bad.

I can't really see any of these people being homophobic to my face, but people tend to hesitate before doing that anyway.
18th Feb, 2005 19:56 (UTC)
wow. I live with ToryBoy, and amazingly his actual G.F is very much like you describe, except she works as a beauty therapist....onboard air planes. So yeah, I dig the hate vibe too sometimes. xxx
19th Feb, 2005 21:15 (UTC)
I'm afraid the word "ToryGirl" just conjures up images of Boris Johnson in drag. I wish it didn't. I'm sure we'll all assist if you need help lifting up the paving stones in order to bury her under the patio.
20th Feb, 2005 12:23 (UTC)
I was thinking
more along the the lines of a sky burial. We have a great parapet, and I'm sure the pigeons could use the protein.
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