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convenient urban real estate

convenient urban mooring convenient urban mooring

"The mooring, accessed through a block of gated flats, is convenient for Oxford City boatyard, as well as shops and other facilities in Oxford's fashionable Jericho area."

Oh-ho-ho! I just did the estate agent bit for littlegreenboat. I guess she's going to have to change her name now. Want to afford to live in Jericho? This is the only way. This is a boat for singletons or couples who live in each others' um, whatevers.


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19th Feb, 2005 15:42 (UTC)
is that Emma? Cathi bumped into her again somewhere recently...

How much is the morring, then? ;-)
20th Feb, 2005 12:26 (UTC)
pretty cheap, actually
because it's unserviced. Why do you ask? Fancy a pied a terre in sunny oxenforde? Or maybe you know someone who does. It'd make a great swinging batchelor/ette pad, I think.

Yes, it's her. She's selling up and heading North.
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