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yes alright already it's snowing

still life with owl

... and everything is clean and crisp and beautiful. Look, this is why I left the christmas wreath on the garden table for almost two months. Also available; defiant primula.


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23rd Feb, 2005 18:29 (UTC)
I'm so sick of the snow.
23rd Feb, 2005 18:56 (UTC)
I would love some snow for my birthday. :(
23rd Feb, 2005 20:02 (UTC)
yes alright already it's snowing
Bah, cynic. Or, well, something. Snow is snazzy. Interesting, if you switch the word order of Defiant Primula--Primula Defiant--it sounds a little like a nasty car, or maybe a condom manufacturer. Well, it struck me as interesting in my head.
23rd Feb, 2005 20:46 (UTC)
I'll be right in, love
I just need to park my Primula Defiant?

yes, that works ...
24th Feb, 2005 15:34 (UTC)
Re: yes alright already it's snowing
I think it sounds like a great car! I'd buy one, if I bought cars.
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