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sale of the autons

head of the headless
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
Along with the rest of the retail vultures, I went to pick over the corpse of collapsed department store Allders this friday. I had the thought of buying mirrors. Putative house will need mirrors. And maybe a pestle and mortar to replace the one I broke, grinding mushrooms. I suppose we'll need other things, too, but it all just seems too remote ... and Allders, at any rate, the Allders in Oxford, never was that great, though there was the notable time I discovered a rich seam of very, very nice underwear. So I just photographed the mannequins -- they were selling all the cracked, damaged and dull ones. Ones without bases, ones without heads. And didn't buy anything. Mirrors and shelving, earrings and pants, somehow, none of it appealed.

allders auton horror slideshow

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