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sale of the autons

head of the headless
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
Along with the rest of the retail vultures, I went to pick over the corpse of collapsed department store Allders this friday. I had the thought of buying mirrors. Putative house will need mirrors. And maybe a pestle and mortar to replace the one I broke, grinding mushrooms. I suppose we'll need other things, too, but it all just seems too remote ... and Allders, at any rate, the Allders in Oxford, never was that great, though there was the notable time I discovered a rich seam of very, very nice underwear. So I just photographed the mannequins -- they were selling all the cracked, damaged and dull ones. Ones without bases, ones without heads. And didn't buy anything. Mirrors and shelving, earrings and pants, somehow, none of it appealed.

allders auton horror slideshow


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27th Feb, 2005 20:52 (UTC)
A rich seam of underwear sounds appropriate.
Oh fuck. The phrase "gold rush" just came into my head..
27th Feb, 2005 20:53 (UTC)
it was more of a black, lacey rush
27th Feb, 2005 21:36 (UTC)
I wouldn't have been able to resist the mannequins. Do you remember what they were going for? just curious.
27th Feb, 2005 21:42 (UTC)
far too much
The creepy little headless children were £50 -- male mannequin with head, £250. The girls weighed in at £150-£250 depending on completeness and damage.

Which doesn't compare well to the £7.50 I paid for beautiful susie ...
27th Feb, 2005 22:01 (UTC)
Re: far too much
The one I have parts of left was given to me by a friend who picked up a few for FREE that were being dumped. Imagine. all I have left is the armless torso/head. I used to keep her fully outfitted in my apartment (long ago) like a life sized Barbie doll. :-)
27th Feb, 2005 22:12 (UTC)
susie and I are very different sizes
... and it would be beyond indulgent to buy her her own clothes. I make her clothes from photographs, sometimes.
27th Feb, 2005 21:44 (UTC)
D'you know what's moving in? Primark! I was hoping for H&M.
27th Feb, 2005 21:46 (UTC)
I wanted a hennes!

... and WTF? Three floors of cheap tracksuits?
27th Feb, 2005 22:09 (UTC)
Re: frig!
I KNOW! You'd think the cheap and nasty niche was already fairly well covered, wouldn't you, what with New Look and JJB Sports and all the nasters in the Cowley Centre, and anyway, it's not like Oxford is Moss Side...

It is literally a modern day tragedy.
28th Feb, 2005 09:39 (UTC)
I have been popping in to the moribund Allders at Clapham Junction, which I've very seldom entered, and finding my longtime disdain totally reinforced. In the whole huge shop, there is nothing you'd really want. Even with huge markdowns, most stuff is still more expensive than at, say, Argos. As for the clothes - even 'normal' sized people waouldn't want to wear any of it...The only thing that slightly appealed was a very lightweight black poncho, which vastly reduced, remains 30 quid. Wotta dump. They're not even selling off fixtures & fittings; at least, not yet.
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