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the continuing death of the bee

Well, it made it through tuesday night, but wednesday it was moving (to be honest) a lot less. But at least it hadn't got stuck to the sugar water and died. I left it some sugar water on the yellow pages. Yes, I know. Stupid. I had an AMT sachet handy (left by someone unsure about my coffee preferences) so it wasn't like it was any effort or anything ... I'm not going to build it a bee-cage and take it to the botanical gardens like mr_snips suggested, or make a pet of it either, damiancugley.

By lunchtime it wasn't moving at all, so I blew on it, gently. It buzzed back at me in a sleepy, annoyed sort of way. Perhaps it would go back to hibernating? It fought the window, did another hour of distressed buzzing, then settled under the saucer of one of my plants. Not the best hibernation spot -- rather exposed, right in a cold draft ... but I'm not qualified to judge the hibernation needs of a bee.

This morning it was either torpid or dead. Hard to tell with a bee.

the scar you're most proud ofI'm a lattice of scars but I'm not proud of any of them. They all represent a failure of some sort; failure to dodge, failure to take care, failure to be bothered about avoiding injury.
your favourite condimentHorseradish, wholegrain mustard or redurrant jelly, depending on what's being eaten.
if you have frecklesYes, but not enough to make a feature of. More in the summer.
your preferred method of cookingRead cook-books first for inspiration, then cook a mass of small fun dishes along a vague theme. This is feast day behaviour, not everyday behaviour.
what shoes you're wearingBrand new pale blue leather converse all stars. My feet are so happy they could cry.
how many children you haveNone. I'm more the aunt sort, to be honest.
the first person you french kissedA girl, though I can't remember which one. Adriana, maybe.
your preferred breed of dogI've met toy poodles with personality and charm, and labradors I would cross the road to avoid. It's not about breed.
where you were bornKettering. That's in England, but I'm fuzzy about the details of where.
what colour underwear you're wearingBlack, with breast cancer awareness target pattern. Right on pants! They're also comfy.
where your keys are right nowIn my coat pocket. No, wait -- trouser pocket.
if you have split endsNo, but I'm about to shave it all off and dye it blue, anyway.
when you last got laidSome three years ago. I'm less pissed off about this than you might think.
your opinion on airline foodIt's improved considerably in recent years.
what cosmetic surgery you would considerBreast reduction, in fact I (inevitably) do consider it on a regular basis, but I'm unlikely to do it.
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onEw. And frankly, ew again.
your worst maladyI got mumps aged 15. If a boy does this, there's a very mild chance he may become infertile. Therefore, I was aggressively quarantined and maltreated by people who had never signed up to look after girls in the first place during the two weeks of excruciating pain, glandular inflammation and increased risk of meningitis which is all that girls have to worry about.
if your mum loves your dadI would like to say no, but I suspect that (just as is the case for me) for all the reasons my violent, abusive father has given us not to love him over the years, some small part of her still does.
if you can sing wellI can hold a note but the tone isn't great.
what your olympic event would beIntrospection, communication.
someone you admireAphra Behn.
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapGuam. And any number of other small islands.
the last time you criedThe day before yesterday. At this very desk, no less.
your most interesting sexual congress locationA clifftop. It was safe sex, except for the 50-ft drop.
part of the Sunday papers you read firstThe magazine.
the languages you speakEnglish, and that I speak badly. Talking doesn't come naturally to me.
the religion you were raised inNone, CofE, disorganised paganism.
if you can draw wellI can sketch an owl by moonlight.
your favourite photographOne you've heard of? Weegee's Long Island beach photo. The one with all the people.
what you should be doing instead of thisDoing an Information Guide for Young Parents.


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