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the end of the solitary bee

still not deadAnyone following the sad fate of the bee that woke up too soon will doubtless be fascinated* to hear that after co-worker Colette (in freezing desperation) turned on the fan-heater, it woke up again. On the bright side, I can now feel my feet again. On the dark side, every hour or so it emits a feeble, dying buzz.

After Colette left the office I cracked and made it a bee-home out of an old suspension file and some sellotape and put it hopefully next to the bee. It could barely move, but it could move well enough to tell me what it thought of that. On quivering legs it tottered away from it, dragging its emaciated abdomen the length of the windowsill before attempting feebly to climb a glass vase.

It's a respectable bee, it doesn't need charity and cardboard boxes from the likes of me ... or perhaps it's caught in some strange Bauhaus delerium. Give me porcelain! I crave the certainties of glass!

Goodnight, bee.

* No, not you. I know you don't care.


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3rd Mar, 2005 19:50 (UTC)
What, you think it's looking for a handout? Like it needs charity?

FUCK YOU! It's made it this far on its own, it doesn't need you to give it SHIT! Where were you when society DROVE him to this state? Just leave him alone, it's his dollar now, and if he wants to spend it on Royal Jelly Gin, let him.
4th Mar, 2005 13:48 (UTC)
mmmm, royal jelly gin
It was in the bee home this morning, presumably went in after I left.

It crawled out around noon and is now grumpily stamping around the windowsill. Where's ma sugar! I want flahrs!
4th Mar, 2005 15:04 (UTC)
Re: mmmm, royal jelly gin
So the bee flew there all the way from Alabama?
4th Mar, 2005 17:05 (UTC)
He's got a little banjo and everything.

(tries again)

Wheaaaaarrrs Muaaaaahhhhhh shugarrrr? Awannn flahhhhrrrrrs!
(Deleted comment)
4th Mar, 2005 13:44 (UTC)
I think it's prabably left inside
until the snow stops.
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