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what's dutch for naughty?

Originally uploaded by hinke.
Recently on Flickr I have posted (among many others) a picture of a bi-curious dinosaur, some shots with new toy camera pop-cam, a tiny-shiny-dyke teaser shot, a view of a police helicopter taken just moments before we walked past two panicking men screeching to a halt in a tatty estate car and running for a doorway, and a time-travelling penguin.

But I'm showing you this instead, because it's funny. It's a gift for the ladies on my list. Maybe some of the gentlemen, too.


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11th Mar, 2005 09:55 (UTC)
still my favourite
11th Mar, 2005 13:47 (UTC)
Bi-curious dinosaur?
Looks more like an academic: still haven't retired and yet haven't got a real clue!
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