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continue to practice all of the sins

anger I keep worrying about having my teeth knocked out. It didn't used to matter, of course; there was nothing in my mouth I didn't despise. Now I have dental work worth a quantity of money which I am not prepared to disclose. Cosmetic and quite attractive, to a Britisher, at least, who has spent most of their life staring at crooked yellow teeth in pretty faces. I'm glad he managed something in character. I'm glad I can still whistle through my front teeth, and therefore (even though I have been evened out) I can still reassure a gosling.
gluttony Gods, what a weekend that was. Strippers, sleeping, and long nights out with crazy (concourse, tinyjo) kids (oxfordhacker, damiancugley) drinking too much and talking bollocks ... in other news, things at the Oxfam bookshop are becoming desperate. In fact, it's getting to the point where I should probably just resign on the offchance that it's me putting putative volunteers off.
lust Aren't these cute? New little seven sins usericons from my dear old N testament. Maybe I'll use envy. It's kind of good. And green, which right now I quite like, though you wouldn't think it from the amount of hair I tore out today. (Oh, yes, whotheheckami, that anger one is for you.)
pride Oh, the hilarity. Some desperate folk after guests for their literary festival put me on the guest list (for Caption, I think -- ah-ha-ha-ha!) and because I was two days tardy replying ended up calling one of my exes to try and find me. His ansaphone message was a masterpeice of tact and decorum, and I really intended to call him and apologise. But the following night had a brain-buggering migraine and now I'm still socially disadvantaged, but the moment has passed. There ought to be some modern book of manners telling me what to do, but as usual, I'm just failing to make it up as I go along.


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16th Mar, 2005 10:23 (UTC)
Hey, lovely subtle shade of green.
16th Mar, 2005 11:07 (UTC)
You know whotheheckami? This world just gets smaller!!!

Are you going to Eastercon?
16th Mar, 2005 12:06 (UTC)
not really,
we've met at an eastercon, though. No, I can't afford it. Teeth, house, adult responsibilities, that sort of thing.
16th Mar, 2005 15:32 (UTC)
Re: not really,
*go to Eastercon*
*go to Eastercon*
16th Mar, 2005 15:32 (UTC)
Thank you very much
16th Mar, 2005 22:13 (UTC)
Oh Oxfam Bookshop, how bad I feel whenever I think about it, I mostly attempt not to think about it...I couldn't go on this day and so I rearranged but now I can't go on that day, and all that apologising last time will look like rubbish because of my subsequent failure to appear. Crap, crap. Exam season. Except, really, not yet. Aye me.
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