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why does cleanskies keep posting so many photos?

I've had a nice time watching the first two series of Reboot in migraine-inducing fuzz-o-vision, but my attempts to do anything more constructive have rather gone by the wayside. Well, OK, I did colour in this week's strip -- but it's a bit of a half-hearted effort. Instead of Mr Chan's Story or the one about pizza and lonely ghosts or Betfred, the Bonus King, I just go on about my ongoing wardrobe crisis. Oh well, it's universal, I suppose.

Other, even more vital tasks (I've not washed up since Sunday's smoked eel chowder, for example) have seen even less progress. Call a man about getting a quote for some drain repairs? Nope. Send off the package to Vic and family ... er, no. Hoovering? Ah-hahahaha.

Ho hum. Megabyte (the main villain) has just gone into rapid expansion mode (which means he's reminding me even more than usual of cloudhigh). Any minute now it'll explode into (admittedly very well animated) muscles and teenage angst and become a whole lot less fun ... still pretty, but, urgh, the testosterone...

I'm also messing around with methods of working faster -- of folding several stages together so I can tell some longer stories. Something a bit different. So far I'm pretty pleased with the results. Now, if only I could crack the whole just wanting to sleep for a month problem ...
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