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Comprehensive Rodent Initiative

Comprehensive Rodent Initiative
Originally uploaded by niznoz.
Spring in the city is glorious; no more acidic slush to eat through trainers and dissolve the street-skimming cuffs of overly-fashionable jeans, just light, soft rain that blows in too fast to pick up the pollutants, a quick spritz to brighten the city's face, make it smile at all the little creatures scrambling out of their cracks and crevices to say, hello sun! Hello sky! Scruffy pigeons on the coo, starlings trying out new ring-tones, over-eager queen wasps twitching feebly on the pavement outside the upstairs rooms they just tried to colonise, squirrels scampering pell-mell through graveyards, shedding handfuls of fur from their winter-scuffed tails, happy rats gambolling carelessly in the March sun, sexually-confused blackbirds shuffling their neighbours, looking for the least incestuous match, and the first bees of the year drifing through half-opened doors to toast themselves on uplighters.


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18th Mar, 2005 02:03 (UTC)
Bees that live?
What strange land are you living in?
18th Mar, 2005 12:13 (UTC)
oh, you know
18th Mar, 2005 13:12 (UTC)
Re: oh, you know
Oh, that's just between Neverland and Liliput, right?
18th Mar, 2005 14:19 (UTC)
Birds and bees in the same post; it really must be spring! Or a very odd recipe ;@)
18th Mar, 2005 16:27 (UTC)
What's a comprehensive rodent? Is it the vermin equivalent of Everyman?
18th Mar, 2005 20:20 (UTC)
hee hee hee
... I'm thinking more some sort of rodent equivalent of a swiss army knife ...

oh dear
19th Mar, 2005 20:50 (UTC)
I have a non rodent related question. Do you have any particular bit of software you use to do your LJ entries with the tasteful positioning and titling of the piccies from Flikr, or do you just have a lump of HTML you fill in, or what?
20th Mar, 2005 12:12 (UTC)
you don't use flickr, do you?
one of its many seductive features is "post to blog". It handles most of the main providors and makes the post for you --- livejournal's scrapbook feature does much the same (that's a paid feature) but where livejournal's html is an ugly chunk, flickr's is as elegant as a row of dancing girls wearing silk pajamas and siamese cats.

Or you can just scarf the code to the picture, or ... well, you get the idea. Flickr is very friendly. Oh, sometimes I tweak the html by hand a bit. Or write a bit.
21st Mar, 2005 21:36 (UTC)
Re: you don't use flickr, do you?
I have an account, have only uploaded five pictures so far from my fine collection of buildings taken from strange angles on my camera-phone.
I was a bit nervous of the 'post to blog' thing since it looked to me like it effectively requires giving flickr my LJ password.
21st Mar, 2005 22:45 (UTC)
Re: you don't use flickr, do you?
Yeah, that's right. Oh my god!!!!!! My Livejournal password!!!!! What if someone else knew it????

... let's face it, it's hardly my pin number ...

of course, now yahoo own it, it'll all go to heck in a handbasket anyway. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

21st Mar, 2005 22:49 (UTC)
Re: you don't use flickr, do you?
I pretty much thought the same thing, but there was a lot of excitement not long ago at, gasp horror, people giving away their passwords to something that purported to do backups and therefore, ohmigod being able to read their friends' friends only posts.
However, you have persuaded me of the error of my ways. Expect a post shortly...
21st Mar, 2005 22:47 (UTC)
sorry, the shock of grief was happening there
no, it doesn't. you have to give your password every time and it's not recorded.

Of course, I'm just trusting them, there.
21st Mar, 2005 22:56 (UTC)
Re: sorry, the shock of grief was happening there
Indeed. Anyway, I am going to bed without posting any piccies. Maybe tomorrow.
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