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It starts with Gavin's stare and ends with Mardou's tattoo; an event report of sorts.

gavin burrows manifestationdan pretending to be a rubens sisterhand drawn tattoo


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21st Mar, 2005 01:42 (UTC)
Is that Gavin, using the Star Trek transporter?
21st Mar, 2005 01:43 (UTC)
Sorry, you say so.
21st Mar, 2005 01:44 (UTC)
have you see this yet?
will self is the new dr who
21st Mar, 2005 03:18 (UTC)
Is it over? I was going to ask if you had met weds
21st Mar, 2005 10:18 (UTC)
to be honest,
I'm not really sure ... I certainly met some fantastcinating comiceers of the female persuasion, but introductions were pretty thin on the ground and never made it as far as "oh, and I'm x on Livejournal", at least not while I was around. I dunno, maybe I look too old to have a live journal ...
22nd Mar, 2005 02:19 (UTC)
Re: to be honest,
Perhaps... Though most of my LJ friends seem to be 30+

Oh, also, would you be interested in doing an occasional (very rare) webcomic with me? I'm writing, formatting and coloring the strips, but I'm having different artists draw the characters each time.

Join bearcats_mandhu for details.

21st Mar, 2005 10:00 (UTC)
I did consider going, but Saturday was a teaching day, and then I had a pile of marking to finish when I got home, so I left it.
21st Mar, 2005 10:20 (UTC)
... sad to miss you
but the event was very much a mart with a coupla bolt-ons followed by a retreat to Mile End hostelries (mmm-mmm, six bouncers on the door of the local tapas bar ...) so not absolutely unmissible ... you want me to reserve you a copy of my new mini? It's got a colour cover ...
21st Mar, 2005 10:32 (UTC)
Re: ... sad to miss you
A pretty colour cover with quetzals on!
21st Mar, 2005 10:58 (UTC)
Re: ... sad to miss you
Ooh, yes please. Are you going to Hinkley at the weekend? If so I could get it then, and also that Pliny thing you picked up for me.
21st Mar, 2005 11:11 (UTC)
but I can send them on with mr_snips, if that's OK?
21st Mar, 2005 11:18 (UTC)
Re: no,
Sounds fine. Remind me of the total I owe you and I shall write a cheque.
21st Mar, 2005 13:23 (UTC)
Octopus Tattoo
It was by the illustrious John Allison of Scarygoround.com. You were drunk Jeremy?? Oh, uhhh guess that must mean I wsa too. You seemed fine to me, better than fine! Ah, it was lovely to see you my uber-whore!XXMardou
21st Mar, 2005 14:15 (UTC)
lovely to see you too, m'dear
I shall edit in a credit ;)
21st Mar, 2005 13:45 (UTC)
I must try to keep track of these things and get to a few sometime. I guess there's comics in May again this year? I've not been paying attention.
21st Mar, 2005 14:18 (UTC)
um, not really
There's a sort of mart thing. Different organisers.

I was telling merry Andrew and his friends that they should put on a caption-style event in the Cube with crochet and embroidery and ladies and things. They didn't really understand, I don't think ...
21st Mar, 2005 15:32 (UTC)
Re: um, not really
That Andy-Pop man came to Stitch & Bitch yesterday. I didn't recognise him because I didn't expect to see him at a knitting thing.
21st Mar, 2005 15:40 (UTC)
He is *so* one of the girls. More so than I am. Merry Andrew's a different Andy, one of your local boys. Naked, Sindee Virtue, all that.
21st Mar, 2005 15:51 (UTC)
Re: ha!
With the glasses? He's too cool for me.
21st Mar, 2005 16:01 (UTC)
that's him
and b*llocks he is.

That said, all three of them (he's in anthology Dusk with Grant (pictured) and Richard (who's better at running away from the camera)) were in hipster black, looking like they should be grabbing berets and bongoes and heading for the nearest trendy bar for jazz and chin-stroking. Given where we were, it was just as well they weren't, it would have been a heck of a walk.

It's just an act, for heavens' sake. They had to run to catch the megabus. Grant was wearing hairgrips for most of the day.

And anyway, who says what is and isn't cool?
21st Mar, 2005 21:47 (UTC)
Re: um, not really
Oh by god that would be amazing. Yes, the Cube, of course!!!
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