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happy easter, chickies

the glammiest chicks of all
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
I found these glamorous chicks in a jeweller-shop window. There were scary bunnies, too, but anyone near a Borders (that'll be mostly everyone, then) will have seen them already. Easter duties (chocolate) were complicated by the irritating young madam in front of us demnding a discount on a dinged box of easter eggs and the mad old bint behind us going off on a rant against a junior manager with beautiful eyebrows over the length of time it was taking her to buy a £1 easter card. Easter duties (SciFi) were met at the bookshop by getting under the feet of a blazing redhead and her shaven-headed feller and then miraculously producing part 2 of exactly the obscure fantasy series she'd been looking for, then scouring BBC3 and 4 for random short speculative scraps. Also fulfilled: family (Dr Who party at sparkymark's), self-sacrifice (watching the first ten minutes of Earthsea), crucifixion (an apropos showing of End of Days) ...

and that's without even mentioning what I'm currently doing about the comics collection.


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28th Mar, 2005 20:01 (UTC)
My 3 week-old VCD of "Rose" is making the rounds with all of my friends, what with no American television station being arsed to pick up the new series.

Promises to be good. The whole "I feel the Earth...move...under my feet, I feel the sky tumblin' down, TUMBLIN' down!" moment was where he cinched it, for me...
29th Mar, 2005 10:53 (UTC)
Me, I liked, "Hi, I'm the doctor, run for your life!"

... well, at least the VCD won't have Graham Norton suddenly realising his mike is still on in the shocking first auton scene ...
29th Mar, 2005 10:56 (UTC)
Re: yes?
Right, right, I think Eccleston (sp?) has it down pretty fucking well. A good balance between serious and fun. Loved the "Sad ending!" bit with the book in Rose's flat. And I'm a big fan of the OrganoTardis Console Room.

Ah, Graham Norton. Twit. ;D
29th Mar, 2005 11:09 (UTC)
lovely bones
the various people I know who watched it with kids say they loved it, too.

The Tardis does look pretty nice. I liked all the stuff shoved anyoldhow onto the console.

Well, maybe some channel'll relent at some point. The various bits and bobs I've seen from the upcoming episodes are looking verrry good.

I was expecting be annoyed with Eccleston but he won me over pretty much instantly. I didn't even mind Billie Piper (even though she is a reptile in a human suit).
29th Mar, 2005 11:34 (UTC)
...anyone near a Borders (that'll be mostly everyone, then)

everyone except those of us in south yorkshire, apparently - just been trying to track down a copy of diplo magazine and their marketting girl told me "You can buy diplo in Borders stores throughout the UK" - but not anywhere within a forty mile radius of sheffield, it seems.

so now i find i've missed out on the scary bunnies too.
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