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The gentleman on the left is attempting to win back Dorset South from the Lib Dems. In memory of all the terrible childhood hours spent at Conservative fundraisers in this very constituency, I present my variation on the unwisely doctored picture. If you don't like my message, you can make your own. (Cheers, fridgemagnet.)

(Confused? Background on Ed Matt's naughty photoshop gaffe.)


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13th Apr, 2005 17:46 (UTC)
That's ace. It's amazing how the tories can ridiculous and sinister all at once. "Are you thinking what we're thinking?".
13th Apr, 2005 18:05 (UTC)
14th Apr, 2005 00:12 (UTC)
heeeeheee hee
... happy birthday, by the way. jinty and meself are planning on coming to cocktail, by the way. At least, we were last time I spoke to her which was admittedly about five days ago.

What should we bring and/or wear?
14th Apr, 2005 06:21 (UTC)
Re: heeeeheee hee
Yes - she emailed me last night. You'll need sleeping bags. Spare bed and sofa were already claimed by other out of towners, but we'll see what we can sort out. What you wear is up to you really; I said lovely dresses, but I shouldn't think anyone would take any notice of me. Some people are bringing stitching their knitting, but if you're not into that I'm sure the usual notebook and pencil will be fine.
14th Apr, 2005 09:49 (UTC)
the only thing
I'm stiching at the moment is books, I'm afraid ...

Lovely dresses, oh I think I can find one of them :)
13th Apr, 2005 18:07 (UTC)
I hate Dorset. I was caught speeding there. Granted, I was doing almost 100 miles an hour. But still, the bas.tards.
14th Apr, 2005 00:13 (UTC)
you mean, someone was there? and noticed?

... probably the most bored police ever, mind. What are they going to do, bust sheep for eating magic mushrooms?
13th Apr, 2005 20:07 (UTC)
*apple sauce*

or even

14th Apr, 2005 00:14 (UTC)
applaud mr fridgemagnet
not me !
13th Apr, 2005 20:29 (UTC)
What terrible things did they do to you are the Conservative fund-raisers? Somehow I have visions of something out of an Angel episode.
14th Apr, 2005 00:23 (UTC)
to be honest
I'm repressing. Really, really hard.

Durig mild ones, I didn't have to do that much -- just scamper around in a really short red white and blue gingham dress, serving warm liebfraumilch to fat rich old men in suits while trying to dodge the attentions of creepy Derek the Cleric.

But there were other meetings. Talks, poster design competitions, young enterprise ... I should probably stop *before* I start getting flashbacks ...
14th Apr, 2005 10:21 (UTC)
Re: to be honest

Good luck with the repressing. Or as our family motto says (below the shield with the ostrich with its head in the sand) 'denial - not just a river in Africa'.
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