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betfred the bonus king

This morning, as I walked past the flower shop, the florist came out with a huge bumble-bee in a brandy glass and set it free. It flew off a bit drunken-looking, fair enough for a bee that's spent the night in a flower shop.

Betfred the Bonus KingMore Cowley Road atmosphere from this week's strip, which is all about a mysterious betting shop that opened last year, down the road. It was actually an Easter strip (the later panels feature Betfred's run-in with the Saxon goddess Eostre* and Jack-in-the-Green) but as usual I'm delivering a bit late. Well, it takes time to find a few hours to string together, especially when I keep stumbling down the road to catch experimental cowbells-and-wailing shows inbetween natter with gingerprincess, a half-recognised graphic-designer ghost from the past (the last century, no less), and the Guitarist, who's looking very John Lennon at the moment. I missed his band, again. They will keep on playing first. Returning to the strip, damiancugley thinks this may be my first ever full frontal nudity. So I guess I should say "possibly not work safe", although, to be honest, it really is all done in the best possible taste.

Thought for the day: if you were to run into your 14-year-old self, would they be impressed by you?

* Possibly.
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