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I can't knit, so I took the photos

the levitation of debra the levitation of debra

Went to a lovely party at badasstronaut's on Friday. Those are her beautiful shoes, which (despite my best efforts) I didn't get a good photograph of ... somewhat slightly mashed after a longer-than-ideal journey and too much gin ... my camera skills were weak ... the long journey came about as I misdirected jinty (her GPS robot lady had a case of the friday nights) following an unfortunate misunderstanding with the edge of the page ... Cirencester is quite pretty, though (even if it's not really on the way from Oxford to Bristol) ... what happens next in this picture? Well, crunchcandy comments on the hosiery ... nine more pictures of unrestrained knitting and consumption of cake here ... check out the view through pina colada and battenburg goggles.


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17th Apr, 2005 01:45 (UTC)
Super photos! I saw my chair. My lovely blue wing-back chair. Fit for the Queen (or Hannah Pink Hair).
18th Apr, 2005 09:50 (UTC)
it is a fine chair
Here's another shoot of the chair in action http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeremy_dennis/9585860/ and looking rather glam, I think.
17th Apr, 2005 08:28 (UTC)
I do a lot of work in Cirencester. There's a good cafe where you can sit in a first floor window looking out over the shoppers. Not the easiest route to Bristol, though.
18th Apr, 2005 09:51 (UTC)
Re: Cirencester
and about fifty antique shops, from the looks of it. Or maybe it was just the antique shop district.
18th Apr, 2005 10:22 (UTC)
Re: Cirencester
No, Cirencester only has one district. There hasn't been much but antique shops there since the Romans left.
17th Apr, 2005 15:02 (UTC)
i think i should spend more time sitting around with a plate of quality cakes.
18th Apr, 2005 09:52 (UTC)
detail shot
over on my arty photo stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeremy_dennis/9585860/

Nice colours -- lovely outfit :)
17th Apr, 2005 15:58 (UTC)
I liked your green hair
(though didn't get round to saying it until now)

the 'vision in ecru' photo is not taken at my best angle (is there a best angle from right below someone?), but I love the three witches magic effect one, and the feet (Debra's and mine).
18th Apr, 2005 09:54 (UTC)
sorry about that
--- but the cheese straw made the shot irresistable.

You can shoot a flattering shot from below -- but I was aiming more for comedy than beauty, although of course you combine both.
17th Apr, 2005 23:20 (UTC)
When I first saw that photo (debra showed me) I hated it- with the caption I now love it- and I want a print of that one of me and the teeny glass of champagne- I look so stupidly glam!
18th Apr, 2005 10:00 (UTC)
I'll talk to my printer later.

I think you look great in the shot -- like a medium at a drawing-room seance!
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