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that's the name of the treasure (pit)

I saw my digital camera for sale in toys-R-us. It's all humiliations.

New anime crush! I'm completely over Lord El Palazzo. Now I'm into Zolo from One Piece. Guess why I like him, hehhehheh. Apart from the hair, he takes exposition-during-fights to dizzy new heights, particularly impressive given that he fights with a sword in his mouth ... oh dear (google google) he's 19, and my there's a lot of ... oh, what is the technical term? Well, there's a lot of it, anyway, between him and yet-to-be-met action chef Sanji, who shares Zolo's oral fixation -- but as we'll be getting the American version, it'll be a lollipop constantly in his mouth, not a cigarette. Way to make something more, rather than less suggestive. According to the fansite, this is all rather misguided, though, as Sanji likes girls: "especially Nami. He protects Nami's tangerine garden on the ship and never letting anyone touch it." Oh-kay. Did I mention that the language is rather suggestive?

It's all been cartoons and comics this weekend, living the wastrel dream: Saturday night in reading back-issues of Hellblazer (hadn't realised the movie was stuffed with direct quotes), Sunday watching cartoons with Dan and Cody (including the episode of Fosters where Blue throws a house-party and Mac gets bombed on sugar and goes running naked around town) and last night round Jenni's reading old copies of Zenith and 80s X-men. According to little sister Elle, this is "last fling" behaviour. She's probably right. Come next month it'll be all fitted kitchens and sofas. God help me.

Oh, good grief. In addition to the BBC DR Who Newssite, there's a U.N.I.T website.
Launching simultaneous spread of operatives claiming that nothing happened in their area. Advised operatives to stay away from linking incident to genuine terrorist threat.
Your secure login is "bison", use this knowledge wisely. No response to the current crisis, however; perhaps whoever updates their website is currently writhing away on the floor of No. 10, in a state of possibly dead-ness. Shroedinger's victims in the cliffhanger loop.

Dark City was on sale at HMV. I put it on in the background while working on Blanche Goodchilde, Scourge of the Seven Seas late last night. It kept edging into the foreground, creating a very weird genre wash. In the morning I woke up from a strange dream about living in a very flat land, cris-crossed with causeways and ditches. People didn't build towers there, they sunk them, deep into the marshy ground. As you went down the stairs (which clung to the side of the pits in a broad descending spiral) the air become more frigid and still so slowly that you noticed the change in fits and starts: progression folded into steps by a perceptual lag.


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19th Apr, 2005 13:30 (UTC)
Come next month it'll be all fitted kitchens and sofas. God help me.
Never. Hold back the tide.*dons painted crown*

And Dark City has leaked into my dreams before now, but not in the same way. I woke up wondering if my bedroom window looked directly out through a wall into space.
Which of course it does.
19th Apr, 2005 13:45 (UTC)
a wall into
space? Cooool.
19th Apr, 2005 13:49 (UTC)
Only technically speaking. What I really wanted was the sea as well, like the final scene with the water running down and the sun coming up. God, I loved that film.
19th Apr, 2005 13:52 (UTC)
A beach-front property in Dark City (post alien extermination, of course). That'd be a place to live. Especially if you also got Jennifer Connelly.
19th Apr, 2005 13:55 (UTC)
Oh yes. Except, being me, I would worry about where all the water was going.
(I wouldn't kick Rufus Sewell out of bed for dropping crumbs neither.)
19th Apr, 2005 14:05 (UTC)
I liked his dreamy glowy haematite eyes ... I'm sure the where-does-the-water-go? question could be sorted out by yet another chunk of acc--cented narration by Kiefer Sutherland !
19th Apr, 2005 14:12 (UTC)
Ideal routine
Wake up in the morning. Open curtains and look out across sea/space, while sipping coffee prepared by Jennifer and Rufus (who each have a half of my flannel pyjamas). Just outside the window, Kiefer mutters a voice-over about gravitational pull.
19th Apr, 2005 14:59 (UTC)
ah, perfect world. Which half? No, let it be a mystery ...
19th Apr, 2005 13:36 (UTC)
Eek, he looks like you! As a manga guy!
19th Apr, 2005 13:50 (UTC)
just because we both have green hair ...
19th Apr, 2005 14:06 (UTC)
All fitted kitchens and sofas
Do you actually have plans for this fitted kitchens & sofas stuff, or are you working on the assumption that fk&s activity is naturally triggered by moving into a house you've just bought?

[years since buying my house: seven. Percentage of house decorated: 30. Percentage of that which was bodged, half-done etc: 95. Number of kitchens fitted: zero. Number of sofas bought: 1 (and that was a cheap futon sofabed from Argos: v. lumpy). ]

But you are no doubt far more active about these things and maybe less reluctant to pay other people to do stuff...
19th Apr, 2005 14:11 (UTC)
automatic and natural,
like crows in nature documentaries. Some of them build really bad nests, but they all build nests.

You can buy it all as snappables from IKEA anyway. It's like really expensive lego for grownups. Ehhh, plans. Maybe I do and maybe I don't.
19th Apr, 2005 16:29 (UTC)
Lego for Grown-ups
Yup, I must admit, I bought a few odds and ends from IKEA last Friday, but then, it is cheaper than anywhere else and I take perverse pleasure in assembling furniture. It's like a giant puzzle, but creating summat vaguely useful.
I love it me! But then I was a lego fiend as a child, I desperately wanted meccano too but my dad wouldn't buy it as it wasn't "for girls."*

* And it was probably a bit on the expensive side.
19th Apr, 2005 17:18 (UTC)
oh yeah
wouldn't you rather have a sindy doll? They stimulate imaginative play, you know.

Not half as much as something that lets you bulid you own machines, I'd say. And yes assembling furniture is kind of fun.
19th Apr, 2005 16:53 (UTC)
19th Apr, 2005 17:20 (UTC)
his name is Zolo!
... except if you're in Japan, when he's Zoro. Might be a pun on Zorro, maybe.

He's so manly! Especially the pale green hair ...
19th Apr, 2005 17:28 (UTC)
Re: his name is Zolo!
If you read the graphic novels, he's still ZORO. @_@ It's just that the dubbing companies are so...I hate them. That's it.
19th Apr, 2005 18:46 (UTC)
Re: his name is Zolo!
I can actually excuse them on this one (don't hit me, I hate them, too).

The katakana character they use is that L/R sound, the reason that so many Japanese people have problems with both sounds in English. I imagine they chose "Zolo" to dodge "Zorro" references/problems.

Another example of this is in DBZ, where the character that we know as Krillin actually has his name pronounced kuh-ri-rin. It is intended, however, to sound like "Krillin."

I will not excuse the lollipop though, and am happy that they're re-releasing all of the DBZ episodes uncut and subtitled.

Still, PATLABOR is at the top of my list. :D
19th Apr, 2005 18:48 (UTC)
Re: his name is Zolo!
Ah, and were I not taken, I'd bang the hell out of Zoro and/or Sanji.
20th Apr, 2005 00:01 (UTC)
Re: his name is Zolo!
or maybe even both :)
20th Apr, 2005 00:08 (UTC)
ohhhh, right
I've only read a very small bit of the comics -- not enough to have any emotional allegiance. Yeah, it is obviously (quite a bit) butchered, but some of the charm is leaking through, nevertheless --- here's hoping for a better version, sometime

(can't dub out the great character design)
19th Apr, 2005 22:45 (UTC)
thanks for U.N.I.T.
Great! But don't expect updates about Aliens of London. As you should know, the current story is happening a year after the present day; 2006. {/fannish}
20th Apr, 2005 00:10 (UTC)
Re: thanks for U.N.I.T.
grooooooaaaaan. Yeah, OK, you got me.
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