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how shall I destroy myself today?

I don't know, being stamped to death by dinosaurs is pretty cool, but I like the inevitability of a flood.

Being stung to death by wasps has a sort of disgusting fascination, too. Ouch, too realistic for me.

That little scampery dinosaur would make a great housepet.


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21st Apr, 2005 15:25 (UTC)
My vote's for dinosaurs. Though it's rather nice the way with the flood the links stay live until the water reaches them...
21st Apr, 2005 15:27 (UTC)
they short out after that.
22nd Apr, 2005 10:53 (UTC)
So we should forget McAfee Anti-Virus and spray our laptops with WD40 instead?
21st Apr, 2005 15:37 (UTC)
First two don't seem to work
Or else I'm impatient.

Also, perhaps my windows setting is bizarre, but without a scrollbar in your text frame, I can't read on what you've written...
21st Apr, 2005 15:47 (UTC)
click 'go'
small button on the Netdisaster-added toolbar.
21st Apr, 2005 15:59 (UTC)
--- sorry about that
should be fixed now -- Livejournal was doing some sort of auto-convert on the language tags within the links! How very, um, helpful.

About the other problem, I have *no* idea.
21st Apr, 2005 16:27 (UTC)
Re: --- sorry about that
Cheers ...

I too like the flood, but I wish it would lead to coral growth on webpage items...
21st Apr, 2005 17:19 (UTC)
lack of scrollbar
is just on the Netdisaster page I think? when I go to jrmy's URL itself, it has scrollbars properly. (Unless it's a browser bug? I'm on IE 6.0 here at work.)
21st Apr, 2005 18:09 (UTC)
Re: lack of scrollbar
Yeah, that's probably it, the Netdisaster page...hmm...I should see if it works for LJ. ;-)
21st Apr, 2005 16:48 (UTC)
Oooh, that's relaxing, that flooding one. I might just watch it again. Practically as good as a massage. Mmmm.
21st Apr, 2005 21:33 (UTC)
You are an extremely colourful and slightly strange individual, Jeremy, yet my life is the more colourful and strange for knowing you. And my vote's for the wasps.
21st Apr, 2005 23:03 (UTC)
hi steve
how're you doing?
22nd Apr, 2005 06:23 (UTC)
Re: hi steve
Well, thanks - and looking forward very much to Caption 2005.
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