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first ducklings of spring!

... they're so fluffy! I took the scenic route home today. Time well spent.

With my bee rights advocate hat on, I was alarmed to find, hidden among the BBC "jolly" stories, this rather creepy story of supermarket demand, invasive species, and the exploitation of bumble bees by the strawberry trade. My main worry is about what happens when the Irish bumble bees finally wake up. What are they going to make of all the bumble bees wandering around with cute accents and a relaxed attitude to recreational drugs and nudity? The strawberry growers don't care, they just want the perfect strawberry, so Mr Tescos, he will say yes: "If the bee doesn't do its job, the strawberry can be very square at the bottom or have an awful lot of creases or be totally misshapen and then they are very hard to sell." I wonder if they beat the bees that get it wrong. With a tiny bee-whip.

The Hippie Commune by freckles42
zodiac sign
reason for joining the commune
creepy but harmless leadersyrtis
insists on running around nakedmistersleepless
conceptual artistautodidactic
refuses to work in the garden, walks round barefoowaistcoatmark
tries to start a tantric sex groupingaborg
hugs trees and gets poison oakforfend
holds a grudge against the governmentrelativid
tries to convert everyone from the insidekharin
sells LSD to babiesseattlewolf
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Pretty much exactly who you'd expect.

Oh, and here's a thing:

C version 2t

Spell with Flickr.
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