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Ha-ha-ha. House-warmings and house-coolings are ahoy, lads and lasses.

But before that, a little slice of suburban anxiety in this week's strip. I was having a bad night and produced about six pages of scrawl on the back of old print-outs. And this, which I quite like. On the roughest, muckiest, thinnest print-out of all, naturally. Generally, though, the house-games have been very bad for getting comics done, and I am now horribly behind on almost everything. And don't get me started on the eczma.

On the Caption front the most important point to remember will be that LAST YEAR'S ADDRESS IS NOT THIS YEAR'S ADDRESS. Because we were the mail-drop, and we will have moved -- there will be forwarding in place, but please do not rely on it. I'm going to asking people to send in mad exhibition stuff as usual, but it's all going to be a bit sudden-ish as we need the new address activated before anything comes back to me. But look out for more about this in the next few weeks. (People who don't come to Caption, can't come to Caption, live so far away that Caption is completely irrelevant to them, or who have no IDEA what I'm talking about, are welcome to join in the exhibition.) I might also be trying to avoid doing the long workshop on Sunday this year, too, as I'm feeling very creatively drained. Can anyone think of someone who'd like to pick that up? Also: nag, nag, Picky Picky Game.

One idea I'm toying with this year is a combined pubcrawl/12-hour minicomic (probably on the Fri before). Am I completely insane, or could this be is a good idea?
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