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needs some work

Weedy Jeremy 2
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.
There's been a bit of new growth since we bought it, so it's out with the gloves. Inside, there's a lot of very ugly paint, so it's out with the paintbrushes. Last night we had six people painting one room. We all got kind of spattered. And drunk. Everyone painted even oxfordhacker who was nominally only there to DJ (ask him about painting themed songs!) I think the gloss white we're using to cover up the chocolate brown woodwork may have gone on a bit lumpy ... Damian met the neighbours -- turns out the last people to live there were evicted by the police. That explains one of the front doors, but not the other.


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7th May, 2005 13:20 (UTC)
That explains one of the front doors, but not the other.

When we had new doors and windows installed, one of the salesmen made a point of mentioning how much hassle police had when raiding one of his customers on a drugs bust; claimed the doors have a steel sheet inside. Quite why that would be a selling point to us, I can't fathom, particularly as the nature of Ann's job means I daren't bring so much as a spliff into the house.

7th May, 2005 17:14 (UTC)
Hmmm, if there were bad ASBO-type people there before,maybe you should have an exorcism of bad vibes party, with everyone dancing around in an altered state 'smudging' to smoke out demons, etc.
I mean, chocolate brown woodwork; they must have been unspeakably depraved...
9th May, 2005 00:30 (UTC)
party good!
... and I have a whole load of sage in the back garden. Got more info on the police raid from the neighbours and dug evidence of dogs, a toddler and possibly also chickens out of the back garden. Speaking of which -- if you want to see my sister (et famille) on reality television, the show you want is House of Tiny Tearaways --- BBC3. I think it's on most of the time for the next month.
7th May, 2005 19:39 (UTC)
Yay, fun with paint!

I was tempted to drive over and lend a hand, but I'm not the world's greatest DIYer and I tend to get in the way. So maybe I could knit you a new tea cosy instead or something - just tell methe kitchen colour scheme.
9th May, 2005 00:25 (UTC)
colour scheme
well, there's scorched pink and grey lino on the floor, and some repellent greenish tiles designed to look like they've been splashed with acid, and very cheap white kitchen units ...

I wouldn't exactly call it a scheme, mind.

Probably better to try and theme with my tea-pot, which is bamboo-handled, soup-dragon green, and oriental style.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
8th May, 2005 18:46 (UTC)
Weedy Jeremy
You're looking a bit skinny, but the term "weedy" seems a bit on the harsh side.
9th May, 2005 00:02 (UTC)
Re: Weedy Jeremy
he's just jealous because I'm better at mowing than him ;)
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