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a quiet moment during the painting party

getting down with the wallpaper

Out of circulation a bit at the moment. First excuse: a weekend-long painting party with breaks to mow (and also remove dog toys, rubbish and entire fences from) the "lawn", i-pod d-j-ing from oxfordhacker and inadequate coverage of dense and unappealing colours.


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9th May, 2005 10:43 (UTC)
But, but!
What is that thing on the floor? Some kind of abandoned device for contacting the spirit world? (As can be seen by the dots of light homing in on it.)
I'm starting to agree with crazycrone some kind of sage burning exorcism could be needed.
9th May, 2005 12:42 (UTC)
oh, no, he's one of mine
mirror-ball-head boy -- plug him and his head slowly rotates, casting sparkles across the room. Glamorous, yet vaguely disturbing.

But, on the exorcism front, wait 'till you see the polaroids I took yesterday ... and there *are* a bunch of large suitcases abandoned in the loft ...
9th May, 2005 16:19 (UTC)
Whose is the iPod?
9th May, 2005 16:49 (UTC)
two possibilities: could be the DJ's own, or it could be jinty's old one -- which I'm currently borrowing, having hastily chucked together a playlist on damiancugley's i-book

-- I'm such a group effort.
9th May, 2005 16:57 (UTC)
Which iPod?
Alex was using Jenni's old one
9th May, 2005 22:40 (UTC)
Re: Which iPod?
They do on-the-fly playlists, don't they.... but one day Rockbox will be ready and then tinyjo and I will have the last laugh....

I'll get me coat.
16th May, 2005 10:19 (UTC)
not my old one doesn't
my old one is a 2nd Gen iPod and it was the next one up that let you do on-the-fly playlists.

NB Jrmy is not 'borrowing' my old iPod -- it's hers now and I'm not having it back. Getting rid of old tech once is bad enough -- to have it boomerang back and then having to find another good home is a bit much!
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