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belfast photo-story

lonely mannequins lonely mannequins

I stitched together the map that came with my hotel keycard and one I found in a guide to the festival (which also conveniently told me where my event was) and came up with a route. Cartoonists don't get lost, but by then I'd been walking for twenty minutes and wasn't even in the right area, and these boys looked just like I felt.

Notes: these are an excerpt of the full photostory.
the caring developers the caring developers

The Cathedral Quarter was a mass of tiny back-streets, alleyways, building sites, bagel-shops, empty properties, flypostering, random art, a parade ... and a hand-painted exclusive property development. The venue (a bar) was down a discreet alleyway opposite a burnt-out shop. I missed it twice and eventually had to approach it from behind.
nourishing breakfast nourishing breakfast

I found the pub, beer, irish style crisps and a lovely lady whose hangover was a little out of synch with her mates, leading to her awkwardly turning up a wee bit early. The promised comics club night, see, had happened the night before (along with the Will Simpson workshop, which I would also have liked to go to). It had been a good night -- most of the people I chatted to had been up until six or so -- or woken up at six with take-out matted in their hair ...
epiphany epiphany

I took a wrong turn and got funnelled the wrong way down a blind alley beside the vast gaping holes of city works and feeling ambushed, yelled bad things and kicked the barriers. As I was retracing my steps the rain stopped, the light shifted, and Andy phoned me to say they were at a bar and I should join them if I could. Sure I could, the route was right there in my head. Cartoonists, see. Don't get lost.
breakfast with the performance artist breakfast with the performance artist

Next morning, I feebly grab a table opposite the most interesting looking guy in the breakfast throng. He's with the other festival, street theatre, drives a disco taxi and tries out new routines on people late at night when he's just a regular minicab. On the way back to the airport I get suspicious over a long routine about Rhona Cameron's knickers. Is my driver also in the Festival of Fools?

Note: these are an excerpt of the full photostory.

Because I need to get away from it all for a bit. andyluke (above) has also posted his view on the event ... which strikes me as a bloody good gig with plenty of potential for similar to happen with other literary festivals. Although probably not Oxford's.


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10th May, 2005 10:46 (UTC)
er, hi! in that weird and wonderful lj way, i was at the duke of york panel, and because i was decidedly frustrated you didn't get to say much i asked the lj friend who knows most about comics if he could point me towards any of your stuff. he happens to be andypop, so he pointed me here and to your site. everyone in the world has a livejournal, don't they?

so, yeah. hope you enjoyed belfarce!
10th May, 2005 11:01 (UTC)
well, the Hollywood guy *was* rather chatty ...
word, edgewise? Not really happening. Although Feargall (moderator) was very good about firing questions at me (+ a nice guy, too)

Is it you I was talking to after the panel? If so, I remember wondering at the time if you maybe knew Nine ...

10th May, 2005 11:23 (UTC)
Re: well, the Hollywood guy *was* rather chatty ...
not only that but he was somewhat touchy-feely too :/ transpires i knew the woman he was staying with, and within about 2 minutes of conversation he was well in my personal space and had his hand on my waist. ick.

no, i wasn't talking to you, though surreally, i do know nine! i was wearing a miami dolphins top that was fairly bright turqoise.
10th May, 2005 12:59 (UTC)
placed you!
You're in the sketchpad -- one of the people in the audience I drew. Well, sorry I didn't get the chance to talk to you there -- should've spoken out a bit more I guess -- ( both nine and andy do seem to know mindblowing numbers of people )

-- oh, and I got a bit of pawing, too -- but I perfected an exasperated eye-roll years ago on a one-minute manager who had been told by a book that he should regularly touch his employees in a friendly, non-threatening way and, delight! it still works.
10th May, 2005 14:05 (UTC)
Re: placed you!
really? oh, how cool! i was actually debating whether i was feeling un-shy enough to ask if i could see your sketching, when i got hollywooded. i opted for the 'i'm just off to the loo, kthxbye' escape, and then contrived to turn my annoyance into hysteria by thinking i'd trapped myself in the loo. it transpired i was pulling the door when i should have been pushing it. i have been to the duke of york often enough to be able to deal with these simple motor functions - maybe i just wasn't drunk enough, or something.

the panel did seem to turn into a bit of a 'who shouts loudest' number. i think i would've opted for giving up and zoning out myself. and if i'd decided earlier i was going to go, nine or andy would prolly have pointed me to go say hi. but it's nice to belatedly say hi and stuff anyways.
14th May, 2005 14:43 (UTC)
the same thing happened to me with the loo door. got really annoyed you didn't get the chance to speak more. though got the feeling the panel could have went on, or there could have been more that weekend. th weekend seems proof to comics festival organisers that belfarce is now ready for a proper comics festival with some decent guests in a relaxed and personal environment and not in some cold industrial QUB building.

Started my new job Tuesday back, and its not far along from were we took our harbour walk. So now I get to walk that stretch every day, and the skeletal-spiral lady looks incredible in the sun. The whole area of Belfast docks has been redevloped fairly artily recently. They have a tube with water inside, which when wound up creates a little swirl like a typhoon in a capsule. There's a kaleidoscope and some magic tiles that can be jumped upon and make a pretty noise.

Richard is still talking about his sketchpad appearance :)
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