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punting the night away

Huh. I may be off-line for a bit. Never mind, go out on a high.

Tonight's punt (one night gig marathon -- 20-odd bands in venues all over town) seemed like a good excuse to kick packing on the head for a bit and go out on the piss. I decided (as my arms were still aching from the afternoon's strimming and I had to be up early the following morning) to have a gin'n'tonic at every venue. Comparison shop, as it were. See who did the best.

Borders has the after-work gig -- but no booze license. We split a chocolate mint mocha frappachino light instead. Kate Chadwick was playing -- nice enough stuff if you like that sort of thing -- my pet name for it is "anchorage folk" -- but I only tend to listen to that in company of my little sister and as she's currently recovering from giving birth to my latest nephew (Lewis, this morning, 10lb7oz, mother and baby doing OK but still in hospital, for those as are interested) we took a turn by the canal to check how the coots were doing, instead. The frappuchino was quite pleasant -- much nicer than the non-light version.

Then onto Jongleurs, and the first G&T of the night. Gak. The tonic was postmix with little or no syrup in the mix -- Gordons and Soda, anyone? Bad ice, too -- the sort that hints at later throat infections. I had a gin'n'cranberry to get the taste out of my mouth. No ice. Oh, the Evenings, and great -- despite the crowd being cold because it was so damn early. They're next playing Kiss bar on 26 May -- a venue I've been meaning to check out for a bit. I didn't make it there tonight, so have no idea what their gin'n'tonic's like. We skipped out then -- time to run to ...

The City Tavern, formerly the Bar Oz, formerly something even scarier. The towny place next to the covered market. Bizarrely, Gin'n'tonic paradise. Though I had to run a gauntlet of shaven-headed football fans to get it (walking in front of the big screen match, eek). Gordons, tonic and lime, served long with plenty of ice, by a crop-haired, exotically pierced boy who offered to double me for 35p. I said no. School night. The Half Rabbits were on upstairs, and already (and well-deserved) on one-in, one-out. We didn't catch it all, but they're playing again on the 24th, in the Cellar -- a tuesday, might go after the pub.

Back to Jongleurs then, where I declined another drink and collapsed in a bit of a heap against the back wall. Gin may make a man mean, but its lack makes me mope. Fortunately, The Factory were on hand to cheer me up. I'd not seen them before so I'll certainly be tring to catch them when they play the Zodiac on the 20th -- for a moment, I didn't even miss the gin. However, there's one thing I do keep missing, and that's The Thumb Quintet, so we scooted off to ...

The Far from the Madding Crowd. Unsurprisingly, a fine gin'n'tonic -- defiantly english, served with lemon, not lime, in a half-pint glass. I also bought a strawberry pago for birthday boy damiancugley ... who told me that the reason it sounded a bit thin was that the laptop had crashed. After the windows startup chime, the music picked up considerably, and I sincerely hope they plan on bringing out an EP sometime soon, as I'd really like to listen to it on a sunny afternoon sometime. In my hammock, mmm. But I got twitchy feet and ran off to ...

The Purple Turtle, a sleazy student bar with a very serviceable G'n'T, served short with two black straws and a wedge of lime. They also offered to double me -- for a much less enticing £1. The Family Machine were doing a cover of Chris De Burgh's Lady in Red by this point and I was beginning to feel a little odd. Fortunately the next place was just a short stagger away ...

The Cellar does a pretty good Gin'n'Tonic, actually -- even though it comes in a plastic glass with your basic lemon slice it does very well, and glows under UV, great for wowing drunken musicos as it turned out ... The E Band were playing when I turned up, another bunch I'd been meaning to catch for a while. Yeah, liked them a lot, and unsuprised by that. Masks, sticky tape, pounding beats, what's not to like?

Finally managed to sneak away from party-boy Mark when he scooted down front to shout at Big Speakers. I've seen them before; and anyway, I had a bunch of stuff to download before the presentation tomorrow. Today. All done now? No, not quite. School nights, eh. Time to set my alarm and drift into ginny unconsciousness in five, four, three, two, one .... now.


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12th May, 2005 06:58 (UTC)
10lb 7oz - that's enormous. Congrats to Elle.
12th May, 2005 09:18 (UTC)
Yeah, congratualtions to your sister; she must be glad that's over. I was a 10-pounder, and have never been allowed to forget it...
I get unbelievably extra-maudlin on gin; real crying-in-the-corner stuff. Your post was almost enough to tempt me to give it another chance, though...
BTW, have been unable to guess which TINY TEARAWAYS victim is yours, but checking it out made me even more grateful that I'm not a breeder. Jeezus!
16th May, 2005 15:17 (UTC)
you would be looking for ...
Tobi and Tiimu, with mother Alex and father Toney.
12th May, 2005 09:37 (UTC)
New nephew. Congratulations, although I suppose it's odd to congratulate an aunt.
I suppose it's too early to respond Pavlov's dog-like to your post by going to the pub for a G'n'T. I'll postpone.
12th May, 2005 10:29 (UTC)
congrats to Elle
and to you for surviving/getting thru that number of G&Ts on a school night and still writing entertainingly about it that same evening!
12th May, 2005 10:52 (UTC)
Happy new aunthood again!
12th May, 2005 11:34 (UTC)
10lb7oz? Ow!
I have something to compare that with now, and 9lbs was enough for me, thanks.
12th May, 2005 15:52 (UTC)
Yes, congratulations on aunthood!
Sorry, was I aggressive last night? [thinks back] Ah. Sorry.
12th May, 2005 20:41 (UTC)
Off-line? No don't do that. That'd be silly.
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