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the dinosaurs have left the building

Abandoned Tar-Pit
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.
... and are currently in another building, mostly upside down at the bottom of boxes.

Thank you to all the people who helped make the moving a smooth and sociable occasion! My hands are too sore to type all the names but for disassembly of bookshelves, rehanging of doors, box tetris and the many other moving skills, you are the elite. I hope to see you again for the house-warming ... speaking of which ...

Home internet access (and phones) is interrupted all this week, and most of my address books are still buried. If you should have received housewarming invites and have not, please let me know.


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16th May, 2005 12:29 (UTC)
Are you partying next Friday evening or Saturday evening or both?
16th May, 2005 12:38 (UTC)
I'm pretty booked up next weekend, so annoyingly, if that's when it is, there's not a huge point me prodding for an invite... ;-( I may well find myself in Oxford Sunday afternoon, though, so...?

Debra - I was thinking the other day - do you still have that guitar? If it's still useful to you no rush and I'll let you know when it'll be useful to me again (could be in a month or two, depending...). If not, though, if you want to get it to Oxford at your convenience, I'm sure it'll find it's way back to me one way or another. Hope that's OK... I trust you're well?
16th May, 2005 12:50 (UTC)
Yes, the guitar is still in my house - I was wondering what to do about that. I hope to visit Oxford some time soon, although no fixed arrangement at this point. If you arrange for someone to be willing to take it from me, I'll take it next time I go there.
16th May, 2005 13:25 (UTC)
as I say, no rush at all, and even less if you'll find yourself missing it (other than just being in the way).

Worst case you'll be at Caption? I won't be, but I'll know plenty of people who will.
16th May, 2005 14:30 (UTC)
I hope to be at Caption this year, but I hope to visit Oxford before that if I can manage to arrange it. Let me know when you've found a place I can take it to.
16th May, 2005 15:12 (UTC)
I was going to ask cleanskies nicely... ;-)

Otherwise we'll see which London types are at Caption, if then?
18th May, 2005 09:30 (UTC)
that's fine
-- it's about time I got over my irrational fear of guitars, anyway.
16th May, 2005 13:05 (UTC)
well, as it so happens --
Sunday afternoon is the more out-of-towner friendly party anyway. Relaxed afternoon garden -- barbeque and tree-planting. Assuming my tree arrives. Friends welcome of course.
16th May, 2005 13:26 (UTC)
Re: well, as it so happens --
that might just work out - land_girl mentioned they'll be meeting up with her Oxford-resident sibling that afternoon, but I haven't actually ascertained whether that will actually be in Oxford. I'll keep you posted, if that's OK.
16th May, 2005 14:06 (UTC)
be nice to see you, you can laugh at my electricals
20th May, 2005 13:16 (UTC)
Re: fine'n'dandy
things are looking flaky at the moment, if only that to get across country from Grantham or Northampton by public transport seems to be just about impossible. I'll either try hitching for the first time in years, or see how energetic I feel when I get back to London (and what time it is, too - what time do you reckon sociability will continue to?)
21st May, 2005 16:34 (UTC)
sunday sociability
will linger on into the evening, saturday sociability will party late into the night
16th May, 2005 13:08 (UTC)
Saturday evening is the grown-up party
or if you're not rambling or doing chores, there's the Sunday afternoon option -- garden, bbq, tree planting.

No housewarming events at all on the friday, sorry. Unless you count frantically clearing floorspace/trying to improvise a day bed from comics boxes.
16th May, 2005 14:28 (UTC)
Re: Saturday evening is the grown-up party
Ah - I might have to miss this weekend then.
16th May, 2005 15:12 (UTC)
be nice to see you --- although Jenni's already making wild Ikea plans that involve visiting you, then heading off to shop the following morning, so we should be able to catch up then.
16th May, 2005 15:21 (UTC)
Re: shame
Oh cool, that sounds great. Other than the idea of visiting Ikea, which sounds more like a nightmare...

I'd love to get over to Oxford again too though - it's just a matter of booking in when people aren't too busy to catch up. It's been ages since I was there.
16th May, 2005 15:19 (UTC)
it'd be nice to have you visit, too. But if you put it off till after the Ikea visit, we'll have the day bed for crashing purposes ...
17th May, 2005 14:01 (UTC)
day bed
Always assuming we only need one Ikea trip to decide on which one to buy...:-)
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