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that blank space is annoying me

Still haven't found my bike lights. But did get the ansaphone and phone back where it belonged. Failed to do any of the paperwork pile I had brought into town today. We're going to stuff up on the forwarding, there won't be enough time to set it up. But did figure out a methodology for deciding what to do about the gas meter. Didn't drop the paperwork or bit of hoover back at the old house (both still in my bag). But did set up the moving message on the ansaphone. Found the Californian Poppy (in a box in the corner of the downstairs living room) before it died. But didn't go into the box full of action figures. Didn't pick up a rubbish bin or some curtains for Damian's room. But did put up Beautiful Suzy and Xena. I don't know. The house gives me hot water, evening light and goldfinches and I reward it with cruel neglect.


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17th May, 2005 17:00 (UTC)
Been decorating then?
17th May, 2005 17:02 (UTC)
me and Mr Photoshop. How's freedom treating you?
17th May, 2005 17:07 (UTC)
...mmmmm...nice. Bit like beer, but theres more of it...
18th May, 2005 09:19 (UTC)
17th May, 2005 17:24 (UTC)
t'would be awesome if you could actually paint the wall as so.

the hair -faboo! :)
18th May, 2005 09:20 (UTC)
physically, it wouldn't be a bother
... probably wouldn't even take very long. But I'd have to run it past my co-mortgagee first ...
17th May, 2005 18:14 (UTC)
pace the last comment
You have to paint that on the wall, it looks fantsatic!
18th May, 2005 09:21 (UTC)
I had in mind
a more vertical design. Odd how I'd misjudged the amount of space ...
17th May, 2005 19:43 (UTC)
Oh Yeah!
Looks great! (Would you need council permission or anything like that?) It's very Cocteau. It should be done.
18th May, 2005 09:22 (UTC)
good question
It's my back wall, but it is overlooked (by about 18 neighbours).

I've always thought Cocteau line drawings would improve pretty much any blank exterior wall, but they may disagree.
17th May, 2005 20:51 (UTC)
I thought that was for real until I read the comments--now I'm well disappointed.
17th May, 2005 22:29 (UTC)
Me, too. I thought it looked fantastic. (This is weird: I was sure I'd already posted a comment here. Guess I didn't hit the right button.)
18th May, 2005 09:23 (UTC)
ah, the magic
of the multiply brush. Sorry for toying with your expectations!
18th May, 2005 08:51 (UTC)
I don't think you need council permission, unless the house is listed or it's a conservation area. Though if you tried to paint anything cool or fun on the front of the house you can bet every busybody within a 5 mile radius would write a whiny complaining letter to the council. :-(
(And yet, no one complains about those damned giant butterflies, you see nailed to houses everywhere.)
18th May, 2005 09:29 (UTC)
my immediate opposite neighbours
Have already been tutting at me and neighbour Rashina (Rasheena? I'll have to ask) chatting about the planned destruction of lelandii and how glad she is that I moved in next door and not her mother, so, yeah ...

This, however, is my back wall. sparkymark thinks I'll still need permission, as it's overlooked, but I'm not so sure -- squigglyruth, who used to work in the local planning office, will know for sure.
18th May, 2005 13:01 (UTC)
Re: my immediate opposite neighbours
Let me know the result, I used to know my regs a little, (used to work in architecture,) but I never covered artwork. You don't need permission, (generally,) to put up a conservatory on the back, so needing permission to paint seems odd but not inconceivable. (But if a lot of people complain, it gets sticky.)

Mind you, I owned a flat where the lease forbade you from pinning anything, (like a poster,) to the inside of the window. I got threatened for pinning a work timetable to the window, but got round it by hanging the timetable from the ceiling, dangling a centmetre away from the window. Same visual result, but no legal bollocking!
19th May, 2005 08:09 (UTC)
Re: my immediate opposite neighbours
It would probably be different if the design was in some way offensive, but that's not an adjective I'd ever apply to Ms Dennis' work (even the more cheeky 3 in a Bed strips).
21st May, 2005 15:53 (UTC)
Re: my immediate opposite neighbours
I can't believe you'd need it at the back and I hardly think you'd have any trouble with the planners - it's not as if you're putting a shark thru your roof! (Although I'm sure you'd think of something far more imaginative...).

We've only heard verbally about the party tonight. What time do you expect people and should we bring food as well as liquid refreshment??
21st May, 2005 16:31 (UTC)
Re: my immediate opposite neighbours
from 8 -- and no, although I'm not preparing anything, I'm expecting people after they've eaten
18th May, 2005 11:49 (UTC)
cheers for the invite - am already going to another party on Saturday night, but might try and make it on the Sunday ( if i'm not too tired and hungover from the night before ) as trees are certainly a thing to celebrate !
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