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that blank space is annoying me

Still haven't found my bike lights. But did get the ansaphone and phone back where it belonged. Failed to do any of the paperwork pile I had brought into town today. We're going to stuff up on the forwarding, there won't be enough time to set it up. But did figure out a methodology for deciding what to do about the gas meter. Didn't drop the paperwork or bit of hoover back at the old house (both still in my bag). But did set up the moving message on the ansaphone. Found the Californian Poppy (in a box in the corner of the downstairs living room) before it died. But didn't go into the box full of action figures. Didn't pick up a rubbish bin or some curtains for Damian's room. But did put up Beautiful Suzy and Xena. I don't know. The house gives me hot water, evening light and goldfinches and I reward it with cruel neglect.


21st May, 2005 15:53 (UTC)
Re: my immediate opposite neighbours
I can't believe you'd need it at the back and I hardly think you'd have any trouble with the planners - it's not as if you're putting a shark thru your roof! (Although I'm sure you'd think of something far more imaginative...).

We've only heard verbally about the party tonight. What time do you expect people and should we bring food as well as liquid refreshment??
21st May, 2005 16:31 (UTC)
Re: my immediate opposite neighbours
from 8 -- and no, although I'm not preparing anything, I'm expecting people after they've eaten