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been meaning to do this all week

Footnotes for last week's strip

Setting: Tate modern, South Bank - visiting the Warhol exhibition. The recognisable artworks are from the Gold men series (panel 2) and Silver Clouds (panel 7).

Colour: Matt's red shoes have emotional significance for him, and my red hair both attracts attention and creats a point of interest in a landscape. Matt's a comics artist who takes many photos.

Cameras: I'm using a Lomo Action sampler loaded with 1600 colour film. It's both noisy and colourful.

Technical: Both pens and inks went into crisis for this strip, meaning that the art fetched up pretty blobby this week, even for me. Time to go shopping.

Footnotes for this week's strip

Setting: It's another colourspace strip -- the full colour strips are not set in the real world.

Characters: The blue dudes are aliens. The nasty-looking orange lady is called Mrs Toad, or Sir, if you're talking to her face.

CV: All jobs mentioned are ones I've done. I also own a grey suit, which will probably be getting some exercise soon.

Technical: Turned out my ink had been discontinued. I bought some calligraphy ink, but it had too coarse a consistency for my drawing or mapping nibs. I switched to using some post office nibs I picked up in a shop in Salisbury a year ago which were tough enough to cope ... but they're rather broad. I'll have to think again for next week, or start working bigger.

In other news, I wasted an entire morning reading blogs and websurfing. This is disgusting.


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5th Mar, 2002 10:09 (UTC)
This is discusting --> many images
I have Mozilla set to ask me before downloading images from a site I have not visited before. This way I get to block ad servers and a few other things (e.g., web bugs, for waht it is worth). But! since the page you link to is full of dozens of images, each from a different site, I ended up having to click OK a zillion times. Ouch! Not your fault, of course...

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