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Posting after midnight: cable is installed. A couple more rounds of shouting should settle things with NTL.

This means that the weekly strip's hiatus is over. I have a backlog, so they may be a little more than weekly for a while. Reproducing Andy's Song there is about more than completeness -- it allows the strip (and icon) to be remote-linked, should anyone wish to do so.

In local news, Cornmarket appears to have been covered by something that looks like compacted dogshit, easily the worst surface treatment I have ever seen, even in this town. Also, Oxfordites may appreciate this glimpse into a storeroom in Boswells. Ouch, that's nasty lino.

This afternoon, I got out of the office, and did a frenetic scripting session with a group making a film. Something completely absorbing and outside my usual round; it really helped.

Well. Check it out. Andy back in 1998, at the last UKCAC, checking out the endowments of a small statue. Crazy night it was.

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