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my hair has faded since then

not listening to pink
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
Posting after midnight: cable is installed. A couple more rounds of shouting should settle things with NTL.

This means that the weekly strip's hiatus is over. I have a backlog, so they may be a little more than weekly for a while. Reproducing Andy's Song there is about more than completeness -- it allows the strip (and icon) to be remote-linked, should anyone wish to do so.

In local news, Cornmarket appears to have been covered by something that looks like compacted dogshit, easily the worst surface treatment I have ever seen, even in this town. Also, Oxfordites may appreciate this glimpse into a storeroom in Boswells. Ouch, that's nasty lino.

This afternoon, I got out of the office, and did a frenetic scripting session with a group making a film. Something completely absorbing and outside my usual round; it really helped.

Well. Check it out. Andy back in 1998, at the last UKCAC, checking out the endowments of a small statue. Crazy night it was.


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16th Jun, 2005 02:23 (UTC)
That is horrible linoleum! Who still makes that kak? Weren't they hung during the warcrimes trials of 1945?!? ;-)

Incidentally, could you take a pic of Cornmarket? I'm curious.
16th Jun, 2005 06:39 (UTC)
Hmmm psychedelic lino...I can just feel myself going all loose and wobbly.

Glad you seem to be settling in and getting all those moving kinks out of the way. That's still all ahead of me. I spent most of yesterday tying up an external phone line in work trying to get through to the NTL house move department with no luck.
16th Jun, 2005 08:38 (UTC)
good luck
my housemate (a computer programmer) has made the house a bug list. NTL's entry goes on for several pages and isn't done yet.
16th Jun, 2005 09:43 (UTC)
Re: good luck
Thanks for the luck, I'm going to need it though at least the good thing is our new landlord and landlady won't have a problem with us shifting boxes to the new places a couple of days early before we get kicked out of our current one. So a nice overlap. Pity we're not allowed to decorate the place to our liking...the yellow in the living room is a bit pukey.

NTL, bug list, several pages, that's never good. Admittedly I don't have a lot of problems with NTL just their customer service that's all. It used to have good customer services and now it's just rubbish plus it doesn't help that after a certain time in the evening they transfer all calls to the call centres in India.

Thick Belfast and halting Indian accents make for many confused people at either end of telephone lines.
16th Jun, 2005 09:46 (UTC)
Re: good luck
It took several attempts to close my NTL account. Once the message had finally got home, they half-heartedly asked if there's anything they could do to keep me as a customer. I think they knew the answer to that, frankly.
16th Jun, 2005 12:14 (UTC)
Re: good luck
They got a bit trigger happy with their cut off earlier this month with me. My bank refused to pay the last bill because it would have meant going £1 into overdraft territory and therefore NTL decided to cut me off without sending a reminder (I didn't even know bill wasn't paid) or even waiting until the next bill which is usually when they would cut you off. At least this time they didn't try to levy a connection fee on me or heads would have rolled.
16th Jun, 2005 12:59 (UTC)
Re: good luck
When did they have good customer services? I think I missed that :-)
16th Jun, 2005 15:55 (UTC)
Re: good luck
Let me see...5 years ago? Or maybe that was just good luck.
16th Jun, 2005 09:11 (UTC)
Early in the morning
I found I had better luck with House Moving queue lengths in the mornings -- as soon after their 9:00 wake-up time as possible; sometimes it has been answered in less than three minutes. From lunch-time onwards the predicted queue length exceeded 30 minutes.

It helps to have a one-handed activity you can be getting on with while listening to their irritating On Hold music, such as reading documents or work-friendly web sites or whatever.
16th Jun, 2005 09:40 (UTC)
Re: Early in the morning
Admittedly I'm lucky in that I have a speaker on my phone which means hands free until they actually answer my call. Though I'm not going to be able to get away with it today since my boss is in. Maybe he might leave early today or I can try over lunch whilst I'm nursing my oh so nutritious pot noodle. I want one of those horns.
16th Jun, 2005 16:48 (UTC)
Cornmarket does look like poo. I think they should have done it pink to cheer people up. Ooh or stripey! My friend used to design those surface treatment thingys for children's playgrounds and primary schools, now thats the kind of thinking we need -snakes and ladders to liven up the walk home :) When I rule the world....
17th Jun, 2005 09:56 (UTC)
a snake leading to KFC, a ladder leading to the chocolate shop? Hi, by the way. Cute icon.
17th Jun, 2005 10:23 (UTC)
Re: what,
Hello! Hope you didn’t mind me commenting? I came across your journal pottering about looking at friends of friends :) We have met briefly a few times – I remember once you took a picture of a badge I had made which had spectacles on it.
17th Jun, 2005 10:37 (UTC)
not at all
... and I placed you already, with a little help from concourse ... I remember ... this badge.

home-made glasses badge
17th Jun, 2005 11:19 (UTC)
Re: not at all
Hurrah yes that’s me and my badge! :D
I only just discovered that there were people I know with LJs. You guys all have most interesting things to say and interesting pictures. I just use mine for boring chit chatty thoughts to myself when I am by myself :s
17th Jun, 2005 12:34 (UTC)
not at all -
I like it. Chit-chat's the backbone of LJ.
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