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that's me on the left there

After a weekend in the emotional spin-cycle (for heaven's sake, crying at Dr Who?) I've put down some lines (on paper -- the mermaid strip) and am trying to quell my towering jealousy of all the friends who are going to Glastonbury. (Don't worry, tinyjo, I won't take it out on Cassiecat.) I made it out to Charlbury for a few hours on Sunday, but it wasn't a big festival thing; more like a temporary island of green trees and sunshine with a suitably sultry soundtrack (The Thumb Quintet, Sexy Breakfast). That seems to be the way at the moment: treks and islands. Of course, the treks can be good, too. I saw a badger on Donnington Bridge last night. Perhaps cities are becoming greener.

There was a photo of Andy by Matt I was looking for, didn't find it. Never mind ... this one's good, too -- from a workshop he was leading at Caption 2001 - Caption Loves You, where he was, as far as I can remember, talking about the romance of common objects. Later on the same weekend, he drew a six-page strip in a couple of hours, proof of concept for the marathon Sunday workshops that've been on at Caption every year since ... there you go, another thing to blame him for.

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