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simple solstice celebration for one

found in nature
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
You will need:
  • A patch of ground you care about.
  • A glass of your favourite beverage*.
  • Sunset***.
Take sip from glass. Raise glass to setting sun. Say "cheers**". Pour splash of beverage onto ground. Drain glass. Repeat as required.

*If your favourite beverage is coke, don't pour it on anything living. Try tarmac instead.

**You may wish to substitute your own words, e.g. "It's too damn hot can't we please have some rain," or "My boss is an idiot please plague him with boils".

***Sunrise, midday or 3pm are also a good time for a drink appropriate for worship.

NOTE: If you forget to perform this ritual until you get home from the pub at night it's important to create your own sun by setting fire to something.

Gentlemen may also pee on the compost heap, but please, not when anyone else is watching.


21st Jun, 2005 17:04 (UTC)
Re: is that
Indeed, that's her sporting her plastic head look, which she is very glad to be shot of. K's photos are teriffic. When you get a baby these days, they come with a digital camera and a photo site.
21st Jun, 2005 23:45 (UTC)
wouldn't be fair otherwise
--- and they are fab photos! (I especially liked that one.)