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This time last year I built and burned a small wicker man. I also took photos, but in those pre-flickr days they never made it out onto the interweb. This I remedy now:

I decided to build a wicker man

Keep clicking on "next" to see it completed, filled with human sacrifices and ceremonially burned.


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22nd Jun, 2005 00:50 (UTC)
I think you are brilliant! lol ~Goes and makes his own wicker man.~
22nd Jun, 2005 10:11 (UTC)
22nd Jun, 2005 08:01 (UTC)
I built it as the sun went down on Flickr
You get some funny titles on Flickr because they always add ‘on Flickr’ to the end (like the old sf fan’s game of adding ‘in bed’ at the end of fourtune-cookie messages).

I liked the use of title and caption to make one sentence. It gives it a ceremonial feel, like versicle and response.
22nd Jun, 2005 09:49 (UTC)
Re: I built it as the sun went down on Flickr
Spookily, my eye was caught by this very same phenomemon, only I picked out "And finished him off on Flickr"...

(And I like the sound of a fourtune cookie. 33% better than those measly threetune ones!)
22nd Jun, 2005 10:06 (UTC)
I completely hadn't noticed this
it's pretty neat, though.
22nd Jun, 2005 10:11 (UTC)
it was written up as prose for ?fiction friday
So it was already in my head as a story. I turned it up yesterday looking through some scratch files and was reminded. Curiously, it looks like the blackbirds were having just as rough a time of it last year:

Determined to fight back against global warming, I decide to burn a wickerman on midsummer night. Unsure which god I'm aiming to propitiate, but a lot of them like burnt sacrifices, so I'm sure to please somebody. Burning isn't great ecologically, but hopefully sacrificial fervour will balance out pollution, and anyway, composting a wickerman doesn't have the same mythic resonance. It's already getting dark, so I get started, using twigs from a honeysuckle killed in last year's drought and a nest-style weaving method. All around me, birds are alarm-calling, which I take for criticism till I remember that since the corpse of a female blackbird turned up in my back garden, it's been disputed territory. It was left out in the open, clearly intended as a warning; I flipped it into a flowerbed with a trowel, only to turn it up a week later in a handful of creeping buttercup. The black-and-white cat moved on at about the same time. It might have been a coincidence. Close to midnight, I finish off the wickerman with an oversized, blunt phallus tipped with a festive pink flower, and set it alight; inside its chest, tiny celebrity photographs burn, with a greenish flame.
22nd Jun, 2005 08:08 (UTC)
Made my feckin' day...
22nd Jun, 2005 10:12 (UTC)
I put in a wish for cooler weather
with you in mind. And thunderstorms, just because I like them.
22nd Jun, 2005 10:32 (UTC)
A good thunderstorm certainly wouldn't go amiss. Feels like it's been a while. Just hope I'll have time to get home and unplug the computers.
22nd Jun, 2005 10:40 (UTC)
what no
surge protectors! Tsk ... (it's blinding blue right now, so not today I think)
22nd Jun, 2005 11:04 (UTC)
I know, I know..
I'll add a couple to the pay-day shopping list then.
That, and home insurance, and all the other shut-up-shut-up-stop-tempting-fate things.
22nd Jun, 2005 15:38 (UTC)
Re: I put in a wish for cooler weather
Ohhh, ta! I've REALLY had enough!
Yeah, a good cataclysmic thunderstorm with lots of ozone, and dark green sky! Whooo...
22nd Jun, 2005 08:28 (UTC)
Very cool. I just spilled wine and hot wax everywhere. But that was cool, too.
22nd Jun, 2005 10:06 (UTC)
wow ...
Sounds like you're having quite a fine solstice celebration there ;D
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