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sparkly candles from nine

bling in actionI left the candles to go out on their own (yes, I know ...), was woken up by an unfamiliar smell, and had to puff hard to put out a rather odd-looking guttery flame. This morning, I found the apparatus was stuck to the windowsill and partially melted -- turned out my blinging candle-holder was made out of polystyrene covered in plastic glitter and plastic mirror tiles. I chiselled it off the windowsill, and took a photograph to remind myself never to leave candles burning unattended. Well, strictly speaking I was there, but the candles weren't uppermost in my mind. Perhaps, never leave candles burning unattentive ...

I found my polaroid i-zone shots from Club Disaster. Inevitably, Andy's wearing a great t-shirt ... but now I'm scannerless. It's always something ... EDIT: Sorted. It is a nice t-shirt. There are a few more pics of Andy up there, too.


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24th Jun, 2005 08:12 (UTC)
Oh that is annoying. But I'm one who never leaves those things going, even if I have to pop out of the room for only a second. I'm all convinced they'll somehow sail over to the most flammable substance they can find to set it alight.
24th Jun, 2005 09:25 (UTC)
no harm done. And it's a good reminder to change those curtains for some I prefer.
24th Jun, 2005 09:15 (UTC)
Hrrrm, well fair enough that leaving candles burning unattended is never a good idea, (I recall chatting to a glum looking chap on the checkouts who told me he'd left a single candle burning in his bedsit and ended up burning the whole place down, he was, um... somewhat glum.)
But actually selling candle holders made out of combustible materials sounds well dodgy on the part of the manufacturers, may be crazy but you do rather assume, (and not unreasonably I think,) that they'll be made out of something rather more durable than plastic and polystyrene.
Well dodgy!
24th Jun, 2005 09:30 (UTC)
yeah. This, to me:
aftermath of bling

Does not look like a safe candleholder. Possibly the instructions (long since lost) said something like "do not burn candles for more than 30 minutes" or something.
24th Jun, 2005 09:36 (UTC)
Re: yeah. This, to me:
Instructions or no, it's a bit much, what's the next manufacturers wheeze? Saucepans made of paper? A chocolate fireplace?
S'not on! I'd feel ripped off. False pretenses and all. Grrr.
24th Jun, 2005 09:58 (UTC)
Re: yeah. This, to me:
I remember my dad writing to our MP about a child's knife that was sharp enough to cut through human flesh - which it did.

A candle holder that melts? No.
24th Jun, 2005 10:16 (UTC)
did I tell you I was sorry to miss your party-thing? I'd've been a bit of a downer had I come (it was a night of massive drunken weeping) but still ... hope I can catch up with you soon !
24th Jun, 2005 10:21 (UTC)
Re: hey,
I did a fair bit of drunken weeping myself, to be honest; hid away and talked to Nine on the phone for a bit, too.

Quiet gathering in the garden; good chat, appropriate. Some gentle acoustic guitaring later on until around two. Didn't want to be on my own, didn't want to be anywhere loud, where people didn't understand. It was a hard one to call, but it worked out. You would have been OK there.
24th Jun, 2005 11:10 (UTC)
sounds nice
but I had to be home
24th Jun, 2005 11:03 (UTC)
Paper saucepan
There is a kitchen science experiment that consists of boiling water in a pan made from folded paper. The idea is so long as the water is being boiled, the paper never quite reaches its combistion temperature. The penalties for letting it boil dry are severe, however.
24th Jun, 2005 11:04 (UTC)
Re: Paper saucepan
Oops, misspelled 'combustion'.
24th Jun, 2005 13:43 (UTC)
I have a spare scanner - actually given to me by Matt

24th Jun, 2005 13:55 (UTC)
--- we *do* have a great scanner, but it's old, scuzzi, and runs off Steven the antique Powermac and he's been freezing on startup since we moved house (having been getting increasingly cranky for some time). Steven's probably sortable, but re-installing everything and getting him plugged back into the network's a chunky job.

The real problem's really that the home network lash-up's not really been re-lashed since we moved -- which is NTL's fault, really.

Innameantime I can get onto a scanner elsewhere, so I'm OK for now ...
24th Jun, 2005 15:23 (UTC)
A few years back wax hands-of-glory were all the rage for Halloween (nobody in marketing knowing, apparently, that real ones were made from the hands of hanged men and burned in homes to put everybody within into a deep and unwakeable sleep) in the U.S.

Sara and I bought scads of them and gave them away.
Then came the recall.

The recall that said that they could accidentally make flames up to two feet high.

I think we kept ONE of them for posterity...
24th Jun, 2005 15:40 (UTC)
burn it!
Take photos! Wear asbestos gloves!
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