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look at my stupid time

Hey kids, knitting is good for your mental health.

Been doing a bit of scanning. Looking through the old photos. Some beauties in the pile:

RIP Andy Roberts andy waiting for the tube

The blue t-shirt shot looks recent -- jamming in mzdt's back room, perhaps. The other's the battered final shot off a cutprice disposable I shot a few years back, when we'd just decided to stop running Caption comics convention, and were drinking the profits to mark our determination. As the night went on, the short early-evening booking we'd made at Belgos du Nord stretched into an epic beer and genevers marathon that had aproned waiters scuttling to rearrange around us. At the end of the night, we drew cartoons in their guest book, of ourselves, and our long-suffering waiter (just visible in the back of this shot) and were pretty unsteady by the time we got to the tube. I like the picture for its graininess and that yawning dark void across the left-hand side, and Andy's "stop pissing around you drunken fool" expression. If you look carefully, you can see the light of an approaching train arriving.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey ... not altogether sure they're asking the right (or possibly enough) questions, though.


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24th Jun, 2005 16:29 (UTC)
Speaking of scanning...
I scanned an old comic of Andy's.
24th Jun, 2005 17:06 (UTC)
Re: Speaking of scanning...
oh, wow. i am in love with this comic.
24th Jun, 2005 21:25 (UTC)
there's loose
talk of reprints and anthologies going on --- ta for the candles.
25th Jun, 2005 09:11 (UTC)
Re: there's loose
you're very welcome!
see you on tuesday?
25th Jun, 2005 14:33 (UTC)
I'll be there
did you sort out a lift?
25th Jun, 2005 19:18 (UTC)
Re: I'll be there
not really. is hopeless. have booked train. if something were to come up, i could get my money back minus a tenner fee. i wish i had a hitch-hiking partner.
24th Jun, 2005 20:53 (UTC)
I can verify that knitting is cool with 20-somethings here, there is in fact a trendy wool shop just round the corner from us (Knitter's Niche at Southport and Belmont). Coffee shops are filled with pierced people in thick-rimmed glasses clicking and clacking away. Not sure if they looked any saner than everybody else.
24th Jun, 2005 21:23 (UTC)
I cannot knit, like all the cool kids do (I'm talking about you, crunchcandy, badasstronaut. My mental health is doomed.
24th Jun, 2005 21:27 (UTC)
Re: alas
We can teach you; all you need is the wool and the will. And the needles, but that goes without saying.
24th Jun, 2005 21:37 (UTC)
Miss Smith couldn't
and neither could Miss Gillespie, though that might have been because she had very distracting earrings. Eventually they put me onto hemming in despair. I am a knitting no-hoper, I fall at the first corner.
24th Jun, 2005 21:44 (UTC)
Re: Miss Smith couldn't
I could lick Miss Smith and Miss Gillespie both at the same time with one hand tied behind my back. I laugh in the face of danger. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
24th Jun, 2005 21:48 (UTC)
now there's an image
that will forever alter my perception of primary school.

It's true that Miss Smith wasn't the best at explaining things, bless her control stockings.
24th Jun, 2005 21:54 (UTC)
Re: alas
Good to know that cool kids the world over are as sane as a knitter.
24th Jun, 2005 22:38 (UTC)
Re: alas
our louise knits very well - she's right good at it - we have a 'wool colection' which rivals my comic collection in mass, if not density (I was never that great a 'collector').

i can't knit

crochet with plastic string seems to be the latest craze round here - 'scoubies' or whatever - the kids want me to show them how to do it & I fail miserably...
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