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look at my stupid time

Hey kids, knitting is good for your mental health.

Been doing a bit of scanning. Looking through the old photos. Some beauties in the pile:

RIP Andy Roberts andy waiting for the tube

The blue t-shirt shot looks recent -- jamming in mzdt's back room, perhaps. The other's the battered final shot off a cutprice disposable I shot a few years back, when we'd just decided to stop running Caption comics convention, and were drinking the profits to mark our determination. As the night went on, the short early-evening booking we'd made at Belgos du Nord stretched into an epic beer and genevers marathon that had aproned waiters scuttling to rearrange around us. At the end of the night, we drew cartoons in their guest book, of ourselves, and our long-suffering waiter (just visible in the back of this shot) and were pretty unsteady by the time we got to the tube. I like the picture for its graininess and that yawning dark void across the left-hand side, and Andy's "stop pissing around you drunken fool" expression. If you look carefully, you can see the light of an approaching train arriving.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey ... not altogether sure they're asking the right (or possibly enough) questions, though.
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