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geese on the riverAnother suburban wander took me through Iffley and down the tow-path from Donnington Bridge at twilight. There was a vast flock of Canada Geese roosting on the river by the Trapp Grounds, opposite the burnt-out boat-house; the birds were black sillouettes on water luminous with pink twilight. Beautiful. I slipped past courting couples and starlight fishermen to try a photo, but the darkness bled out the crispness, leaving only smeared Scott-ish colours.

More excited, though, to see a blackbird on the tail of some large ungainly insect, weaving behind it like a bat after a moth. I'd always thought of them as hoppers, worm-pullers; I suppose it must've been a particularly delicious-looking insect, perhaps one of the bees I saw drunkenly falling off the mock-orange bushes earlier. Got to get me some of that, it's lovely -- although I should probably ease off on the shrub habit. I bought two roses last week, one called "Carefree Days", and the other called "Lucky Star".

My fault for walking around the garden shop at twilight, when they're watering the plants and everything is fragrant and sparkling. The Japanese gardener perched on the railings, spraying the Busy Lizzies with a blissed-out smile on his face.

Today the website I have been aimlessly paging through is this antique guide to the UK's many entrances to hell.

Tomorrow it's Andy's funeral. At the weekend get-together (stickismyfriend's big number birthday party) someone I thought had known him pretty well, certainly better than me, said, "I hadn't seen him for ten years"; I kind of gaped. But I suppose it has been a while, at that, since one of us pointed at Andy disappearing out of Russell Square tube station, portfolio in hand, and said, "he looks like he knows where he's going, let's follow him."


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27th Jun, 2005 13:44 (UTC)
Apart from bizarre whimsy, what is the point of the entrances to hell website? Is it some sort of game or what?
27th Jun, 2005 14:04 (UTC)
It is solely bizarre whimsy, AFAIK.
27th Jun, 2005 14:08 (UTC)
it's just
someone's online folly. I think it's pretty old.
27th Jun, 2005 15:04 (UTC)
Moto and I will see you tomorrow at the funeral, Jeremy.

On a happier note, I might be able to bring some cool comics along to the BBQ on Sunday. Want to see Hayao Miyazaki's recent war comic--the memoirs of a German Tiger tank commander on the eastern front in World War Two? With pigs?
27th Jun, 2005 15:16 (UTC)
sounds like fun --
Bet Jenni's housemate, Dan, would be interested, too :)

see you tomorrow -
27th Jun, 2005 21:57 (UTC)
Re: sounds like fun --
best manga i read recently was Jiro Taniguchi's 'the walking man'... actually - come to think of it, it's probably the only manga i've read for [sucks teeth] uh... anyway
it's about my pace & chimes very well with me.

sorry (sorrowful) that i'm not coming down to london tomorrow - I really am - I wanted to come, but money & logistics are against me.
I will be thinking of you all & especially of andy - truly one of my favorite people, ever.

27th Jun, 2005 22:03 (UTC)
probably not much comfort
--- but you're not alone in wanting to be there and not being there. I'll pass on your regards -- and for all the people far off and unable to come, there's a memorial thing, I think Jenni said, at a later date.
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